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ASN Program FAQ

Nursing FAQ

What are the eligibility requirements to apply for the Nursing program?

  1. Must be C.N.A. certified and able to submit a copy of license by the April 1st deadline.
    1. Your C.N.A. license can be from any state, but it must be active through the April 1st deadline.
  2. Already be a student of the college, or have an application submitted to the Admissions office.
  3. Complete the general academic courses on the Nursing Pathway sheet.
    1. If you are taking any prerequisite classes at GHC during the spring semester that you will be applying to the program, your admission score will be configured after spring grades are available.
    2. Transfer students should plan to have any required courses transferred in by the fall semester before applying to the program. Only GHC spring semester grades will be calculated into admission scores.
  4. The TEAS exam:
    1. No more than two attempts in an application cycle (the application cycle runs from April 1st – April 1st each year for the traditional program, and from September 1st – September 1st each year for the LPN/Paramedic bridge program).
    2. An overall composite score of at least 70.
    3. If you score an overall 70 or higher on both attempts, then the highest section scores from each attempt will be used in the scoring process.

I’m an LPN/Paramedic, what is the required letter of 1,000 hours?

LPN’s/Paramedics are required to submit a letter with their nursing application that states they have worked over 1,000 hours as either an LPN/Paramedic. The letter must be on official letter head from their supervisor or HR office.

What are the important deadlines for the nursing program?

  1. March 1st for High School students/Graduates.
  2. April 1st for the traditional program that starts each fall semester.
  3. September 1st for the LPN/Paramedic bridge program that starts each spring semester.

How is my nursing GPA calculated?

A student’s nursing GPA is different from their cumulative GPA. The nursing GPA is created by the highest score attempt at each of the prerequisite general education classes listed on the Nursing Pathway sheet.

How are applicants notified of acceptance or denial to the nursing program?

For both programs the notification letter will be mailed to the address provided on the students nursing application. Traditional program letters are typically mailed in early June, LPN/Paramedic bridge program letters are typically mailed in mid-October.

What is the typical nursing schedule like each week?

(Insert link to example semester schedule for fall and spring.)

What campus are the nursing classes taught on? What about clinical sites?

The nursing classes are taught at the James D. Maddox Heritage Hall campus located at 415 East 3rd Avenue Rome, GA 30161. With clinical locations in Floyd, Polk, Bartow, Paulding, and Cobb counties.

What will I need to purchase for Nursing school?

There is an approximately $1,500 resource bundle that is required at the beginning of the program. This bundle includes all of the books that will be needed throughout the program. Lab kits are also required and are approximately $110 each.

Can I use financial aid to cover the cost of the C.N.A. class?

Please contact the office of Continuing Education, they are responsible for the C.N.A. program and will be able to assist you with any questions. You can reach their office at 1-800-332-2406 or via their website:

Does GHC have tutors to help students prepare for the TEAS exam?

Please contact the GHC Testing Center, they will be able to assist you. You can reach their office at 706-204-2110 or via their website:

What should I do if I want to readmit to the program?

Students wanting to readmit to the nursing program must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 across all courses in order to be eligible. If a student’s cumulative GPA is below 2.5, please reach out to the Nursing Department at for assistance. The student will also need to submit a letter to the director of the ASN program via mail or email, three months before the start of the semester they will be returning too. In the letter students will need to explain what issues led to them being unsuccessful, and what steps they have taken to correct these issues.

How much is tuition for the associate degree nursing program?

Nursing courses cost the same per credit hour as general education courses. The traditional program is 36 credit hours total across four semesters. The LPN/Paramedic bridge program is 26 credit hours total across three semesters. For updated tuition & fees please visit:

Can I CLEP or test out of any of the prerequisite courses?

Yes, this is a possibility. However, please note that completing a CLEP test for a course only demonstrates that a student has passed a course and does not indicate a specific grade. Because of this, students can only be awarded a C for admission scoring and nursing GPA purposes.