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Clinical Credentialing

ACEMAPP Requirements (Floyd Medical Center, Piedmont Healthcare Cartersville, WellStar Facilities)

Students accepted into the nursing program will receive a Credentialing Packet via email. This packet will include information on setting up their ACEMAPP account with step by step instructions. Below are examples of the documents that students will be required to upload to ACEMAPP in order to be cleared for their clinical rotations.

**Please be aware, none of the documents below can expire in the middle of the semester. Students are not registered for class or assigned a clinical rotation until their documents are cleared.

Annual Influenza Vaccination (Late August – September)

The GHC 2022-2023 Flu Vaccine Form is required to be completed and uploaded to ACEMAPP.

Students are required to obtain the influenza vaccination prior to beginning his/her educational experience at the clinical facilities during influenza season. Flu season is determined by the state public health office of epidemiology and varies from year to year.

Basic Life Support (BLS/CPR) (Must not expire during the semester)

Only American Heart Association BLS is accepted. If you are certified in the American Red Cross course the certification will not be accepted.

Here is an example of a correct American Heart Association BLS e-card.

Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) (Positive titer showing immunity or proof of two or three dose vaccine)

Students must have record of the two or three dose MMR vaccines OR positive titers for all three diseases (Measles AND Rubella/Rubeola AND Mumps). Titers are blood tests drawn by your doctor or nurse practitioner’s office showing proof of immunity.

Here is an example of the MMR vaccines from a GRITS form.

Student Health Screen Requirement (Physical) & OSHA Respirator Form

The health screen requirement form must be signed by a physician or nurse practitioner, your name must be visible on the signed form, and must be uploaded into ACEMAPP.

Here is an example of a completed student health screen requirement form.


Students must have two TB skin tests within the last two years (one each year) OR two stacked tests 1-3 weeks apart with documentation of each test OR documentation of a negative T-Spot test or QuantiFERON-TB Gold test.

Here is an example of the QuantiFERON-TB Gold Test.

Here is an example of a TB/PPD skin test.

**Piedmont Cartersville: We recommend getting the QuantiFERON-TB Gold Test to easily meet their requirements. However, given the cost of this test most students will need to follow the two stacked TB skin tests mentioned above with the second test taken just before the semester starts. Without the QuantiFERON-TB Gold Test, students attending this facility will need to get their second TB skin test within the 90 days before starting a clinical rotation at the hospital.

Tetanus, Diphtheria and Pertussis (TDAP)

Students must have received the Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis (Tdap) vaccine within the last 10 years OR documentation of a Tdap vaccine older than 10 years PLUS a Td booster within the last ten years. Tdap vaccines or Tdap vaccines with Td boosters older than ten years must be updated before uploading proof to ACEMAPP.

Here is an example of Proof of Tdap vaccination from a GRITS form.

Varicella (Chicken Pox)

Students must have two varicella vaccines OR a proof of a positive Varicella titer. History of disease will not be accepted. Here is an example of a Varicella titer.

Here is an example of Varicella vaccination.

COVID-19 Vaccination

Please see #1 on the Nursing FAQ regarding official University System of Georgia statements about the Covid-19 vaccines.

Here is an example of the completed Covid-19 vaccination card.

Hepatitis B – Shots AND Required Titer

Students must have verification of at least two Hep B shots if you are in the process of completing the series and a positive/reactive Hep B Surface Antibody titer. You will be required to upload a titer after the completion of your series. The titer is a drawn from blood work in your doctor’s office, not the vaccination shot series. For students who complete the Hep B shot series twice, but still do not show immunity, a declination form will be available in ACEMAPP once you are assigned to a clinical rotation.

Here is an example of the Hep B Surface Antibody titer.

Advantage Students Background Check & Drug Screen (Traditional – July/Bridge – December)

The Credentialing Packet that students receive will also include step by step instructions for creating an Advantage Students account and MOST IMPORTANTLY how to link their Advantage Students account to their ACEMAPP account. Students will share their background check and drug screen with Georgia Highlands College. Once clinical rotations are set, students will receive requests to share their background check and drug screen with the appropriate facility(ies) for their assigned clinical rotations so it is important to monitor the messages in their Advantage Students account for these requests.

*Students must redo the background check and drug screen in July when moving to the second year of the program. Bridge students will complete this October – December before classes start and the following July to be good for the final two semesters.

TCPS (Advent Health Redmond)

Clinical credentialing for Redmond is handled differently from other facilities. They use TCPS (Total Clinical Placement System) for credentialing students. Students will need to complete an online orientation and fill out their profile within TCPS. Students will also be required to complete a hand hygiene form, an Academic Year Attestation, a TCPS FERPA Release and Confidentiality Agreement, and a Nursing, MD, & PA General Orientation Quiz within their TCPS account once they have been assigned a rotation at the facility. The clinical placement coordinator will upload documents and dates to be reviewed by the facilities clinical liaison for clearance.