Clinical Credentialing

In order to successfully complete the Associate Degree Nursing program, students must be able to complete their clinical rotations. Students are required to meet the clinical credentialing requirements as laid out by our clinical partners. Waivers, exemptions, and declination forms are all available, however, these are at the discretion of our clinical partners. If a student’s waiver, exemption, or declination form is not approved by a clinical partner then the student is unable to complete the program and will be dismissed.

The Atrium Health Floyd Department of Nursing program utilizes the ACEMAPP clinical credentialing system in order to clear and place students for their clinical rotations. Clinical requirements cannot expire during the semester. Anything that expires between August – December or January – April must be renewed before a student can receive clinical placement. When uploading documents, a Completion Date is required in the system. The Completion Date is the date you completed the immunization or met the requirement.

Expiration Example: Your BLS card cannot expire October 3rd, it must be renewed and uploaded to ACEMAPP in July.

Completion Date Example: You completed the two dose (or three dose) MMR vaccination series:

Dose 1: 1/1/1999

Dose 2: 3/1/1999

Dose 3: 8/1/1999 (The date of the final dose in the series is the completion date you would use in ACEMAPP)