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Early Bird Advising (EBA)
GHC Students admitted 2018 or earlier



EP Quest for Success
GHC Students admitted 2019 or later

Priority Registration opens October 28th:

Priority registration includes those with 36 or more credit hours, veterans, dual enrolled, athletes, honors and GHAME students at GHC.

Regular Registration opens November 4th:

Regular registration includes all other student classifications that are permitted to register for classes.


The mission of Academic Advising is to help students explore and determine the best educational options to achieve their personal and professional goals, whether within the core curriculum, transfer degree programs, or career degree programs. Academic advising is a joint venture between the student and a faculty or professional advisor.


  • Academic advising will be available to all students.
  • Advisors will assist students in setting realistic educational goals.
  • Advisors will assist students in learning and applying decision-making strategies.
  • Advisors will assist students in making appropriate course choices.
  • New students will be introduced to academic requirements of their chosen program of study.
  • Students will become aware of institutional resources available to meet their individual educational needs and aspirations.
  • Currently enrolled students will interact with an advisor prior to registration.
  • Students will plan a program of study tailored to their academic talents and professional interests.
  • Students will understand the importance of thoughtful planning to complete program requirements.