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Welcome to eLearning at Georgia Highlands College!

Georgia Highlands is ready to help you accomplish your educational goals with the flexibility of online programs and courses, including

Georgia Highlands is an affordable, accredited option for quality online and distance learning. Bring us your goals and see!
Thinking about taking an online class?

Learn how GHC web-based courses and eCore classes compare!

eLearning at GHC offers several ways to take online coursework:

Web-based Courses: These are online courses that are designed and taught by GHC faculty in areas such as English, history, psychology, mathematics, sociology, and more! These courses have traditional start and end dates with 95% to 100% of the work completed completely online. Site visits for orientation, exams, or other activities may be required.

eClassroom: These courses meet live online at a specific time on its scheduled days. Students must use GHC’s Zoom web meeting system, which is a free application that can be accessed via a computer, tablet, or phone. A high-speed internet connection is required.

eCore and eMajor: These are online courses that are offered through a partnership with the University System of Georgia and are taught by faculty from various institutions in the USG. eCore offers tutoring and library assistance built within each course. Many subject areas are available; click here for more information about eCore.

Hybrid Courses: These are a mix of face-to-face class meetings and online work and discussions. Subject areas include business, communication, and many of the science areas. Most of the class materials are delivered via distance education technology, but regular site visits are required.

eLearning provides the following benefits:

  • Flexible scheduling
  • Help line via GHC411
  • Advising appointments via email, phone, or web-meeting so you don’t have to drive to campus
  • Technical Support you need to be successful
  • Variety of classes and majors to choose from
  • Time management tools and videos to help you succeed

Begin exploring how eLearning can help you complete your educational goals today!
Please note that all eLearning students are expected to have their own computer and internet access which is independent of GHC campus site.

Technology for Online Courses

View the technology requirements for online courses.

Have questions about online courses, D2L, technical requirements, or just need general information about eLearning at GHC?  Contact us!
For the D2L Help Desk, available 24-hours a day, please visit their website for information on outages and how to reach live assistance.

State Authorization for Distance Education

The United States Government and individual states mandate that higher education institutions offering distance or correspondence education have the approval of each state to operate in that state. Georgia Highlands College works in good faith to obtain authorization in all states. However, authorization status can change over time (expire, require new materials) so we strongly recommend that prospective distance education students contact us to determine whether GHC is authorized to provide post-secondary education in your state.

State Authorization Status and Complaint Process