2024 Speech Competition



April 19, 2024
Director Steve Stuglin 
Finalists (6)

1st Place: Sarah Escamilla Colin


Slideshow of photos from the event by Jeff Brown.

Sponsors Rome Area Council for the Arts

GHC Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning

GHC Student Life

GHC Honors Program

GHC Six Mile Post

GHC Office of the Provost

GHC Bookstore

Special Thanks to Jessica Lindberg, Leslie Johnson, Karen Yerkes, Brig Kerce, David Horace, Jeff Brown, Josie Baudier, Sarah Coakley, Clifton Puckett, Rebekah Wood, and Campus Safety. 



Final: Travice Obas, Melanie Largin, and Katie Merritt

Primary Judges: Dana Pergrem, Leslie Johnston, Erica Simpson, Allen Dutch, Katie Merritt, Brandy Rogers, Kathryn Garcia, Steve Blankenship, Maurice Wilson


Honorable mention to runner's up winners: Michelle Hernandez, BreAnna White, and Jayla Williams