2020 Speech Competition


Our Speech Competition was delayed from the Spring in 2020, like so much else, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to practice appropriate social distancing, the event was held virtually in 2020, with students submitted video speeches to the competition for three rounds of judging. Our Final Round was judged by Travice Obas, Meredith Ginn, and Laura Beth Daws, who were the three creators of this event ten years ago. Earlier rounds were judged by 20 GHC faculty and staff members.

Date November 2020
Director Steve Stuglin
Finalists (5)

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Sponsors Rome Area Council for the Arts
GHC Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning
GHC Student Life
Follett Bookstore
GHC Honors Program
GHC Six Mile Post
 Judges Final: Travice Obas, Meredith Ginn (KSU), Laura Beth Daws (KSU) Primary and Semifinal: Alex Reiter, Mackleen Desravines, Cindy Wheeler, Rick Bombard, Allison Hattaway, Kathryn Garcia, Julia Reidy, Michelle Abbott, Jillian Petro, Charles Grimm, Sharryse Henderson, Laura Gargis, Brandy Rogers, Jonathan Howard, Tim Floyd, Greg Smith, Erica Simpson, Dana Pergrem, Amy Gandolfi, Allen Dutch
Student’s Choice Winners determined by Six Mile Post Vote
Semifinalists (30)
Judith Herrera, Lauren Davis, Samantha Hillegeist, Lauren McCormick, Ela Valenzuela, Meadow Etheridge, Jordan Eslinger, Megan Turner, Dariela Delgado Castro, Sean Barrett, Mary Moody, Makiah Jordan, Sarah Brown, Allison Daffron, Victoria Frater, Destiny Johnson, Trinity Young, Kaitlyn Rogers, Ivy Le, Deja Jeanis, Tamara Clay, Astrid Cuellar Benitez, Muhammad Hanzala, Abigail Hayes, Natalie Peterson, Janae Archer, Ashley Berner, Abigail Brown, Jacob Whitehead, Eduardo Gomez
Program   2020 Program Coming Soon

GHC Public Speaking Competition


Final Round Judges (in Virtual Judging Session):
Top to bottom: Laura Beth Daws (KSU), Travice Obas (GHC), Meredith Ginn (KSU)


Not Pictured: our 46 other competitors that didn’t make it to the Semifinal round.
Our Student Competitors

Student  Speech Title 
Abdias Perez Voting
Kaitlyn Rogers Seaworld Should Be Closed Down
Ciara Horner Effects of Social Media on Young People
Muhammad Hanzala Mandatory Political Education
Orion Hughes Change Methods of Treating ADHD
Joey Gore Being Vegan
Jared Ponder Misconceptions/Merits of Democratic Socialism
Eduardo Gomez Puerto Rico Should Be a State
Grace Barber Prison or Rehab for Drug Addicts
Meadow Etheridge Life or Death
Makiah Jordan Hold Your Breath
Lenin Echanique Standardized Testing Should be Abolished
Katie Jennings Support the Arts in Schools
Jake Roberts Live 2540
Edson Ezquivel Castillo DACA
Abigail Hayes Teens Should Get Part-Time Jobs
Savanna Garrison Marijuana Should be Legal in GA
Jordan Eslinger Healthcare Cuts in GA
Daunta Bryan Social Media Influencing
Natalie Peterson Take a Stand, Make a Change, Wear a Mask
Taniya Wilson Let’s Talk About Sex
Judith Herrera Recycling to the Rescue
Ansley Magee Mandatory Recycling
Jamesen Payton Why You Should Vote Locally
Emma Catlin Gun Control: Self Defense
Lauren Davis Orcas are Made for the Ocean
Megan Turner Ban Plastic Bags
Nancy Correa Immigration Detention Centers are Unsafe
Brittani Jo Weber Wearing a Mask
BreAnna White Don’t Use the ‘R’ Word
Sarah Brown Ban Puppy Mills
Renee Dunn Museums Should Be Free
Audra Williams Wear a Mask
Quentin Leek Students Should Have Adjusted Learning
Jamie Frohberg Implementing Precautions during a Pandemic
Nathan Felts The Harm of Social Media
Ivy Le Adopt, Don’t Shop
Janae Archer Issue with Implicit Biases
Allison Daffron Medicinal Use of Psilocybin Mushrooms
Ivy Arnold Should You Believe in Pro-Choice
Kade Levy The Problem of Media Influence
Jocelline Casiano Our Monthly Problem
Deja Jeanis Got Milk?
Kadwin Edwards Speaking Can Be Fun
Allison Jackson Foreign Language in Elementary School
Izabely Maced Sea World and Its Captives
Victoria Frater The Big Break
Dariela Delgado Castro Wear a Mask
Kaitlyn Murphy Voting Registration 101
Breeana Wilson Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Samantha Hillegeist Affordable Insulin
Sean Barrett Financial Literacy in the Education System
Stephanie Clingan When you should see an orthodontist
Harper Powell Drug Testing Student Athletes
Tamara Clay Second Chances
Alexandria Butler Vote Biden
Ashley Berner Cell Phone Addiction
Madysen Hurley Communication on COVID-Interoperality
Lauren McCormick Kneeling During the National Anthem
Mary Moody The Mask
Sydney Barnes Social Media
Natalie McCullough Teaching Financial Independence
Justin Fetters Rules and Conduct of Texas Hold-em
Destiny Johnson People Should Buy American
Haley Bouche Sleep: Our Civic Duty
Abigail Brown Bias of the Judicial System
Felicia Horne Fee College Tuition
Trinity Young Issues with Psychiatric Medicine
Brittany Webb Christopher Columbus is no Hero
Meera Patel Protect Women’s Choice
Haylee Brewster College is Not Your Only Option
Ela Valenzuela Stop Dreaming and Start Doing
Brayden Baldwin Standardized Testing is Not Good for Students
Jacob Whitehead Social Media Affects our Health
Gabriel Nelson Why You Should Vote
Astrid Cuellar Benitez Amend the Electoral College