2019 Speech Competition


Ninth GHC Speech Competition (2019)

April 12, 2019
Steve Stuglin

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Rome Area Council for the Arts
GHC Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning
GHC Student Life
Follett Bookstore
GHC Honors Program
Final Round Judges Don Green
Leslie Johnson
Aaron Green
Award Winners
  • Nathaniel Carr (Cartersville) – Music is the Highest Form of Art
  • Shereca Hampton (Douglasville) – It Takes a Village
  • Nicholas O-Brien (Cartersville) – Special Needs in America
  • Carson Graham (Floyd) – How to Resolve Decline in Lindale
  • Trinity Fielder (Floyd) – Is Having a College Education Important?
Semifinalists Tejah Ironside, Jesses Parson,s Guessly Gonzalez, Anslee Doyal, Shemetrice Davis, Cesar Rendon, Nathaniel Carr, Bryson Horne, Shelby Roverts, Sarah Gupta, Kaitlyn Smith, Sarah Mazurek, Trinity Fielder, Ethan Underwood, Olivia Fortner, Morgan Scott, Ethan Riggs, Celina Leon Cisneros, Carson Graham, Amberly Dortch, Freddie Glass, Kevin Sasser, Lyons Nida, Ashley Storck, Lauren Murphy, Nicholas O-Brien, Elizabeth Livingston, Leslie Nolasco, Shereca Hampton, Chelsea Whitmire, Abby Welchel, Connon O-Guin
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GHC Public Speaking Competition



2019 Competitors in group photoMost of our 2019 Competitors

Winners of our Annual Values Award standing on stairwellWinners of our Annual Values Award

2019 Finalists standing together2019 Finalists

Steve Stuglin and Professor Travice Obas with the FinalistsCompetition Director Steve Stuglin and Professor Travice Obas with the Finalists

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