What can you do with an Art or Graphic Design Degree?

Creative thinking is one of the most sought-after career skills in the job market today. “... a recent Davos World Economic Forum report lists the same capability as #2 in the top ten skills for the global economy in year 2020” ("How to Hire and Develop Critical Thinkers"). Creative thinking is at the heart of GHC’s Art and Graphic Design pathways.

Art students can look forward to careers as curators, appraisers, illustrators, animators, and more. Graphic Design students can work in advertising, web design, product development, marketing, and many other fields.

Art Pathway Checklist and Map

Graphic Design Pathway Checklist and Map

Art Faculty:

Music Faculty:
Name Primary Campus Office Phone Email
Chelsea Carver Cartersville C255 678-872-8381
Russell Cook Floyd I124 678-872-8126
Humanities Division Chair:
Allen Dutch