2017 Speech Competition


Seventh GHC Speech Competition (2017)


April 14, 2017


Steve Stuglin


1st: Amanda Lewis
“Take the Road Less Traveled”

2nd: Jenee Smith
“Puppy Mills: The Best Money Maker”

3rd: Tadd Steffner
“Eat Healthy and Exercise Regularly”

4th: Luke Keeney
“Maintain Censorship of Television”

5th: Makenzie Allen
“Dog Breeders and Puppy Mills”

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Sponsors Rome Area Council for the Arts
GHC Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning
GHC Student Life
Follett Bookstore
Final Round Judges Bryce Pitts
Erica Simpson
Connie Watjen
Special Recognition Award Winners Shanna Salcedo
“Discrimination in the Media”
Andrew Beard
“End to Addiction”Aarod Dodd
“Is Drug Testing Beneficial?”April Hughes
“Free College Tuition”Gage Walker
“Perils and Positives of Multitasking”
Semifinalists Shanna Salcedo, Daniel Holland, Bailey Knowles, Tadd Steffner, Anthony Andrews, Mark Wilder, Cameron White, Arielle Jones, Lucas Lester, Lorren Norwood-Benson, Andrew Beard, Jenee Smith, Adam J. Thomas, Dartoly Dure, Nick Fink, Quinton Kay, Luke Keeney, Amanda Maxwell, Aarod Dodd, April Hughes, Makenzie Allen, Alexis Specht, Evelyn Bassey, Joshua Columbo, John Robbins, Jake Lovvorn, Gage Walker, Sarah Craig, Abbie Robinson, Amanda Lewis
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Competitors posing

Most of our 2017 Competitors


2017 Finalists Jenee Smith, Amanda Lewis, Tadd Steffner, Makenzie Allen, and Luke Keeney



Steve Stuglin announces some Semifinalists

 Semifinalists on staircase

2017 Semifinalists

 Special Awards Winners and Student Club Judges 

2017 Special Award Winners and Student Club Judges

Final round judges

2017 Final Round Judges Connie Watjen, Bryce Pitts, and Erica Simpson

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