School of Humanities

A row of paint brushes at the bottom with multiple brush strokes of many colors above


Are you interested in a career in design or improving your drawing or learning a new art form? Check out our Art Courses!

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Are you interested in marketing, public relations, or another job that requires close attention to messaging? Whether you want to improve your public speaking or learn about media ethics, check out our courses in Communication!

Camera lens


Are you interested in writing, directing, or producing film for TV or movies? Whether you want to join the growing film industry in the Atlanta area or simply gain an appreciation for film, check out our courses in Film Studies!

Colorful skulls for Dia de los Muertos


Spanish opens the door for students interested in linguistics, international relations, or jobs requiring knowledge of a second language.

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Are you interested in education, law, or creative writing? Dive into the depths of grammar, analyze literature across time and space, or create new worlds of text in one of our English courses!

Figure in coat and tie being interviewed with recording devices pointed towards them


Are you interested in news or sports media, print journalism, or mass communication? Whether you are looking for a paid position on our student newspaper, Six Mile Post, or simply want to learn how mass media works, sign up for a course in Communications!

#WhyHumanities Students understand the value of cultural differences, of communication in an information age, of art as the one universal language, and critical thinking and problem-solving on the highest level. Students choose Humanities because it engages with the complexities and the wonder of the world. Interested in learning more? Email Humanities at!

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Dean of School of Humanities 

Jessica Lindberg
(678) 872-8116

Humanities Division Chairs

Allen Dutch
Art, Communication, Graphic Design, & Journalism
(706) 368-7633

Danielle Swanson
Chair of English & Spanish
(678) 872-8129

Seth Ingram
Film Studies and Theater
(678) 872-8137

Administrative Assistant
Brig Kerce
(678) 872-8064


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