2021 Speech Competition

We held our 2021 Public Speaking Competition in April. In order to practice appropriate social distancing, the event was held virtually, with students submitting video speeches to the competition for three rounds of judging.

Date April 2021
Director Steve Stuglin - Announcement Video
Finalists (5)

Click on speech titled for videos of the speeches.

Sponsors Rome Area Council for the Arts
GHC Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning
GHC Student Life
Follett Bookstore
GHC Honors Program
GHC Six Mile Post
GHC Brother 2 Brother
Special Thanks to Allison Hattaway, Clifton Puckett, and Jon Hershey
 Judges Final: Travice Obas, Dana Nichols, MaKiah Jordan (student winner in 2020!)

Primary and Semifinal: Dana Pergrem, Charles Grimm, Jonathan Howard, Laura Gargis, Alan Campfield, Brandy Rogers, Jillian Petro, Amy Gandolfi, Erin Shufro, Allen Dutch, Melanie Largin, Erica Simpson, Julie Kozee, Greg Smith, Tara Holdampf, Alex Reiter

Student's Choice Winners determined by Six Mile Post Vote
Semifinalists (30) Listed below, with speech titles.
Total Competitors   *58*



List of Semifinalists (who win a t-shirt!)

Stephanie Mendoza Public Schools vs. Homeschools
Benjamin Gilbert America Needs to Focus More on Soccer
Adrian Chaney Legalizing Syringe Exchange Programs Nationwide
Ela Valenzuela Long Term Effects of Strict Parenting Style
Cassandra Johnson Adopt, Don’t Shop!
Maria Crespo Plastics in the Environment
Alec Morris Financial Opportunities in the Stock Market
Aiden Soriano Cell Phone Bans
Kaden Harris Pay to Play
Cadence Kohana Cox Opt out of Standardized Tests
Jalen Caldwell Are Paper Books Better than E-Books?
McKenzie Wakefield Change
Abdias Perez Finding Peace
Robert Davis Smedley A Casino on a Disk
Zachary Von Colln The Tax on Life
Amber Irene Cockrell Mental Health Does not Define You, It Refines You
Samantha Lennon Adopt, Don’t Shop
Lionel Nunn Speak Sooner
Roy Ozmore Why you should play video games
Lucille Van Valkenburg Why Humans Should Eat Less Meat
Amanda Slay Why you Should Buy a Dog from an Animal Shelter
Paeyton Watson We Don’t Need to Raise the Minimum Wage
Mackenzie Brody Phone Addiction
Kristina Vonnordeck Stop the Federal Minimum Wage Increase
Abbie Barnette Late Term Abortions
Abriana Byrd Dance is just like any other sport
Sean Barrett Video Games Benefit Mental Health
Jordan Bishop Why Media Bias Should Be Allowed
Kayle Wehner Benefits of Recycling
Evelisa Meza DACA Residency After Graduation