What can you do with an English Degree?

English is one of the top majors for pre-law students and future educators. An English degree can also lead to a career in technical writing, public relations, management, grant writing, recruiting, and more. Good reading and writing skills are essential for academic and professional success in any field.

“According to a 2018 survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, the three attributes of college graduates that employers considered most important were written communication, problem-solving, and the ability to work in a team” (Deming). English courses at GHC focus on all three of these important skills.

GHC students gain “real world” experience with the Six Mile Post, GHC’s award-winning newspaper, the Old Red Kimono, GHC’s distinguished literary magazine, and the Annual Highlands Writer’s Conference.

Deming, David. “In the Salary Race, Engineers Sprint but English Majors Endure.” International New York Times, 2019. EBSCOhost, www.nytimes.com/2019/09/20/business/liberal-arts-stem-salaries.html.

English Pathway Checklist and Map

English Faculty

Humanities Division Chair:
Danielle Swanson