A&P 1 Lecture Materials

BIOL 2121K

Human Anatomy & Physiology 1

Lecture Materials

All materials except the PowerPoints are in MS Word 97 (.doc) format. The PowerPoints are in MS Word 09 (.pptx) format.

Outlines           Notes PowerPoints
Introduction Outline Introduction Notes Introduction  PP
Basic Biochemistry Outline Basic Biochemistry Notes Basic Biochemistry PP
Cells Outline Cells Notes Cells PP
Tissues Outline Tissues Notes Tissues PP
The Integumentary System Outline The Integumentary System Notes The Integumentary System PP
Bone & Skeletal Tissue Outline Bone & Skeletal Tissue Notes Bone & Skeletal Tissue PP
The Skeletal System Outline The Skeletal System Notes The Skeletal System PP
Articulations Outline Articulations Notes Articulations PP
Muscles & Muscle Tissue Outline Muscles & Muscle Tissue Notes Muscles & Muscle Tissue PP
The Muscular System Outline The Muscular System Notes The Muscular System PP
Nervous Tissue Outline Nervous Tissue Notes Nervous Tissue PP
Central Nervous System Outline Central Nervous System Notes Central Nervous System PP
Peripheral Nervous System Outline Peripheral Nervous System Notes Peripheral Nervous System PP
Autonomic Nervous System Outline Autonomic Nervous System Notes Autonomic Nervous System PP
Special Senses Outline Special Senses Notes Special Senses PP

Practice Quizzes
Introduction Practice Quiz
Basic Biochemistry Practice Quiz
Cells Practice Quiz
Tissues Practice Quiz
The Integumentary System Practice Quiz
Bone & Skeletal Tissue Practice Quiz
The Skeletal System Practice Quiz
Articulations Practice Quiz
Muscle & Muscle Tissue Practice Quiz
The Muscular System Practice Quiz
Nervous Tissues Practice Quiz
Central Nervous System Practice Quiz
Peripheral Nervous System Practice Quiz
Autonomic Nervous System Practice Quiz
Special Senses Practice Quiz


Miscellaneous Materials
Exam #1 Study Guide
Exam #2 Study Guide
Exam #3 Study Guide
Exam #4 Study Guide
Exam #5 Study Guide
Regional Terms Handout (For Exam #1)
Cranial Nerves & Skull Openings Table (For Exam #3)
Muscle Contraction Summary Sheet (For Exam #3)
Cranial Nerves Table (For Exam #5)
ANS Receptors/Locations Summary Table (For Exam #5)