Special Interest Groups

American Association of University Women (AAUW) – CC

AAUW is a global sisterhood that has been empowering women since 1881. At GHC, our goal is to not only support, inspire, and motivate our members, but also to provide them with professional development opportunities, financial resources for education, and leadership skills training. We show women how to achieve wage parity through wage negotiation workshops, and how to challenge gender bias in the workplace as well as in their own psyche. At AAUW at GHC, we believe that together, we can do more than make a difference. We can make history.

Active Minds – CS

Active Minds empowers students to speak openly about mental health in order to educate others and encourage help-seeking. We are changing the culture on campuses and in the community by providing information, leadership opportunities, and advocacy training to the next generation to bring about mental health awareness.

Baptist Student Union (BSU) – FC

Georgia Highlands College’s BSU has interdenominational membership and is open to all Georgia Highlands College students, faculty and staff who want to become involved in Christian activities and services on the campus and in the community.

Bass Fishing Club Team – FC

The purpose of the Bass Fishing Club is to provide students with the opportunity to Bass Fish competitively at a collegiate level, promote friendship among students across the nation, and to expose members to the Bass Fishing community.

Brother 2 Brother (B2B) – AC

B2B exists to provide positive solutions to the educational, cultural, social, spiritual and intellectual needs of African-American and Latino male college students at GHC; and to provide opportunities for leadership development and campus and community service.

Boxing Club – CC

The GHC Boxing Club is an organization devoted to the teaching and fostering of the sport of boxing. The club is committed to aiding students in both growth and positive lesson formats.

Capture Highlands Photography Club – FC

We take pictures! Capture Highlands seeks to connect students and faculty that have an interest in photography, and to help members develop their skills in set-up and post processing of photography.

Chargers Cheerleading Squad – FC

The Charger Cheerleading Squad is the spirit group that supports all GHC athletic teams and promotes school spirit and pride among the student body.

College Conservatives – CS

This political organization is the Georgia Highlands chapter of the Georgia Association of College Republicans. Members are dedicated to helping Republican candidates get elected into public office through grassroots and get-out-the-vote efforts and to advancing the ideals of the Republican Party on college campuses throughout Georgia.

Creative Writing – CC

The purpose of this organization shall be to write, collaborate, and most importantly create. They work to encourage fellow students in pursuing creative and original pieces of writing of all kinds and seek to promote published works from members and provide constructive criticism for literary pieces.


CRU is a campus ministry focused on helping students grow in their relationship with God and influence the world for Him. Follow CRU on Facebook.

Equality Alliance – FC, CS, MS

Equality Alliance provides support for students and connects them with allies on campus. This organization works to promote tolerance of diversity and a hate-free society.

Gaming Club – FC, CS, PS, DS

The Gaming Club will provide the GHC community with opportunities for new and experienced players of table-top games, including tutorial sessions, tournaments and more. The club will promote a more positive image of gamers and gaming, focusing on the benefits of gaming such as building creativity and critical thinking skills; and will create networking opportunities for starting or joining gaming groups on campus.

GHC Dance Line – CC

The purpose of the Georgia Highlands Dance Line is to provide entertainment for sporting activities as well as an opportunity for students to participate in a fun and enjoyable activity.

GHC Running Club – CC, DC

The GHC Running Club purpose is to promote student involvement in running. We want to encourage a healthier lifestyle through physical and social activities, competition, and recreation. Interested runners will have the opportunity to compete in local races. We invite you to set outside of your comfort zone and create new relationships with peers while becoming healthy and fit.

Green Highlands – FC, CS, PS

This group strives to raise awareness and action towards a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle with emphasis being placed on mind and body well-being and environmental concerns.

Hispanic Student Association – FC

The Hispanic Student Association is a group whose goal is preserving and promoting the richness of Latino culture and heritage. To unite those of Hispanic (Latino) ethnic background and those who have an interest in Hispanic culture through activities that invoke cultural and social involvement.

La Mano – MC

The purpose of La Mano is to offer all Latino Students at GHC an opportunity to participate in cultural and academic activities. La Mano will encourage students to achieve academic success, articulate the concerns of Latino students, and become active members in the community.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management Association- CC

The Logistics and Supply Chain Management Association offers a place for students in the LSCM pathway to gather and exchange ideas and help each other succeed in their chosen pathways. This group is open to all campuses.

Psychology Club – CC

The purpose of the Psychology Club shall be to provide common meeting ground for the free exchange of ideas among students, faculty, and guest lecturers and to inspire students to explore psychological principles in the modern field of psychology and related vocations. This club is open to all major and non-major psychology students who have a general interest in psychology.

Sign and Speak – FC

The goal of the Sign and Speak club is to provide and promote opportunities for ASL students to improve their language skills in a safe environment by offering skill building workshops, outreach projects, and social events.


Spanish Activities Club – CS

This club celebrates and explores the richness of the Hispanic culture through language, art, music and more.


Students Without Borders/ Study Abroad Club – FC, CS, PS

This group aims to assist students understand and appreciate other nations and cultures, and to encourage student participation in the Study Abroad program. All students who have traveled/studied abroad or would like to travel/study abroad are welcome!


Student Veterans of America- CS, FC

SVA is a great resource for U.S. armed forces veterans, U.S. military active duty military personnel, and their supporters to assist with the transition from military life to civilian life.


That Animation Club – FC

Expanding the imaginative and fantastic world of anime and other types of animation to GHC if the aim of our club. Discussing and even debating your favorite animes and manga, while watching new anime/animation and learning the extensive history of how anime and manga art commenced and progressed, inevitably influence popular Japanese culture.


Women of GHC- MS

The purpose of Women of GHC is to connect and support women at GHC as we courage women to pursue and achieve their personal goals, share their unique gifts, and ideas while encouraging understanding among women of different classes, cultures, and ethnic backgrounds. We provide a supportive atmosphere for women to explore their concerns, focus on developing communication skills, volunteering in the community, and the general well-being of women in all aspects of their lives. We promote pride in women’s individuality while seeking to enrich their academic, cultural and social experiences.


Writer’s Collaborative – FC

The Writer’s Collaborative intends to encourage fellow students in pursuing creative original literary works. The group will also discuss methods of publication, as well as scholarship opportunities available for creative writers. As a part of the GHC community, we intend to provide constructive criticism to aspiring young writers.