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Students interested in joining any of the established groups should contact the club advisor for more information. Club Round-Up days are held at the beginning of both fall and spring semesters at all locations as an opportunity for students to learn more about the groups.

Finding the Right Organization

If you do not see a group that interests you, the Office of Student Engagement encourages students to form new organizations at any time.

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Student Organizations at GHC, sortable by Name.
Art Club Explore your artistic abilities! Art club helps you explore your artistic side and endeavors in a way that will benefit not only you, but also your community!
Faculty Advisor: Scott Arthur
Club President: Bella McCauley

Brother 2 Brother (B2B) B2B exists to provide positive solutions to the educational, cultural, social, spiritual and intellectual needs of African-American and Latino male college students at GHC; and to provide opportunities for leadership development and campus and community service.
Faculty Advisor: Evan Snelling

Book Club Faculty Advisor: Brittany Ozmore
Club President: Crystal Lee

Chargers Cheerleading Squad The Charger Cheerleading Squad is the spirit group that supports all GHC athletic teams and promotes school spirit and pride among the student body.
Faculty Advisor: Giselle Tucker

Creative Writing Club The Creative Writing Club intends to encourage fellow students in pursuing creative original literary works. The group will also discuss methods of publication, as well as scholarship opportunities available for creative writers. As a part of the GHC community, we intend to provide constructive criticism to aspiring young writers.
Faculty Advisor: Shannah Harrington

Equality Alliance Equality Alliance provides support for students and connects them with allies on campus. This organization works to promote tolerance of diversity and a hate-free society.
Faculty Advisor: Brittany Ozmore
Club President: Cheyenne Bailey

Gaming Club The Gaming Club will provide the GHC community with opportunities for new and experienced players of table-top games, including tutorial sessions, tournaments and more. The club will promote a more positive image of gamers and gaming, focusing on the benefits of gaming such as building creativity and critical thinking skills; and will create networking opportunities for starting or joining gaming groups on campus.
Staff Advisors: Sidnie Fouraker; Lilly Hayes
Club President: Britton Tucker
SGA Representative: Joshua Chastain
Green Highlands This group strives to raise awareness and action towards a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle with emphasis being placed on mind and body well-being and environmental concerns.
Faculty Advisor: Ericka Walczak
Club Representatives: Hugo Coronado and Kayley Agan
Highlands Film Society The goal of The Highlands Film Society is to bring together movie lovers and film makers. We are the place to be if you are interested in making or discussing movies. We also have opportunities for makers to develop their professional abilities.
Faculty Advisor: Seth Ingram
Club President Katie Weatherford

Spanish Activities Club This club celebrates and explores the richness of the Hispanic culture through language, art, music and more.
Faculty Advisor: Kathryn Garcia
Club President: Belle Tanner

Student Veterans of America SVA is a great resource for U.S. armed forces veterans, U.S. military active duty military personnel, and their supporters to assist with the transition from military life to civilian life.
Faculty Advisor: Amy Wise
Club President: Brandi Woodall

Women of GHC The purpose of Women of GHC is to connect and support women at GHC as we courage women to pursue and achieve their personal goals, share their unique gifts, and ideas while encouraging understanding among women of different classes, cultures, and ethnic backgrounds. We provide a supportive atmosphere for women to explore their concerns, focus on developing communication skills, volunteering in the community, and the general well-being of women in all aspects of their lives. We promote pride in women’s individuality while seeking to enrich their academic, cultural and social experiences.
Faculty Advisor: Christina Henggeler
Club President: Naima Atalla

Highlands Association of Nursing Students (HANS) HANS is comprised of students majoring in nursing at Georgia Highlands College. This organization encourages socialization to the profession of nursing and leadership development. Membership allows a student to have a voice in the state and national student organization as well as linkage with nursing students all over the United States. HANS is highly involved in community service projects and some fund-raising activities.
Faculty Advisor: Nicole Tolbert
Club President: Shayla Simpson

Psychology Club The Psychology Club provides a common meeting ground for the free exchange of ideas among students, faculty, and guest lecturers, and inspires students to explore psychological principles in the modern field of psychology and related vocations. This club is open to all major and non-major psychology students who have a general interest in psychology.
Faculty Advisor: Elizabeth Dose
Club President: Belle Tanner

STEM+ Club STEM+ Club has been created to help students in STEM enhance their professional and educational paths by providing activities related to this special interest!
Faculty Advisor: Maurice Wilson
Club President: Viktor Buromsk

Student Ambassadors Program Faculty Advisor: Clifton Puckett
Student Government Association (SGA) The Student Government Association is Georgia Highlands College’s model of student government. The primary purpose of the SGA is to serve as the voice of the student body and act as a liaison between students and college administration in order to help formulate just and proper regulations pertaining to student government and to assist those persons designated to enforce the regulations.
Faculty Advisor: Clifton Puckett

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Phi Theta Kappa is the international honor society for two-year colleges. Students who achieve a 3.50 cumulative GPA with at least 12 credit hours at Georgia Highlands College are invited to join. Members must then maintain a 3.25 GPA. The GHC chapter is Alpha Psi Omicron and was chartered in January 1994. The organization elects officers, holds regular meetings and plans activities and service projects for members and the campus. Phi Theta Kappa also offers scholarship opportunities for members.
Faculty Advisors: Karen Huggin and Betsy Fleming