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Introduction to the OSL

The Department of Student Life seeks to develop the Georgia Highlands College student body through a series of co-curricular activities that promote experiential learning, wellness, an appreciation of the arts, leadership and volunteerism. The DSL encourages and provides student involvement opportunities to complement the academic programs of study and to enhance the overall college experience for all GHC students.

The Department of Student Life has permanent locations at five GHC sites – Floyd, Cartersville, Marietta, Paulding, and Douglasville campuses. The Student Life office on the Floyd Campus houses the offices for student publications.

The Department of Student Life coordinates and schedules a wide variety of student activities programs and events of a cultural, entertainment and recreational nature throughout the year. Cultural events often include programs or special exhibits on literature, music and the arts. The Department brings nationally known entertainers, artists, and guest lecturers to campus to discuss a variety of topics that are both entertaining and enriching. Entertainment events include professional musicians, novelty attractions, games, comedians, and special annual events such as Week of Welcome, Fall Frenzy and Spring Fling.

All programs, events and functions coordinated by the Department of Student Life at all GHC locations are funded by the student activity fee that all GHC students pay each semester. For this reason, most programs and events available during the course of the semester are FREE for all students to attend and/or participate in.

The Department also coordinates the forming and registration of student organizations by students at all GHC locations and provides resources for those groups as they sponsor a wide variety of programs and events. The Student Government Association is advised by Student Life staff members, and encourages students to get involved in the campus governance.

The Department also handles the student judicial process for both the code of conduct and academic integrity policy.

Special Guidelines for GHC students at the Marietta Site

Georgia Highlands College students who attend the Marietta site are eligible and invited to participate in any of the general student activity events hosted by Kennesaw State University-Marietta. This includes entertainment events, cultural series events, leadership programs, intramurals, and other events/programs sponsored by KSU-Marietta Office of Student Activities.

Any GHC student at the Marietta site may also join and participate in most of the registered and recognized clubs and organizations at Kennesaw State University-Marietta. GHC students must meet any regular requirements or criteria for joining any KSU group, as well as any membership dues required of regular members. Students are encouraged to check with the KSU Office of Student Activities for more information.