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Meet the Candidates

Meet the Candidates

For President

  • Sharlotte Baine

    Sharlotte Baine

    My name is Sharlotte Baine and I am a Psychology major. I am a non-traditional student and I am a mother to 2 sons. I was honored that when I applied to go back to school that Georgia Highlands accepted me. I am always wanting a new challenge in life. By becoming president of SGA I feel that I would be a good leader and help students in any way that they may need. I will there for the student body and to represent them in a professional manner. I am always looking for ways to help out within the Georgia Highlands community. By working as a orientation leader and in the work study program I have grown a lot in leadership. I am in the Psychology club as well as Women to Women. I am always active on campus and I enjoy going to the different events. I have attended the leadership conference and the leadership training that GHC offers. I would be honored to serve as your next president for SGA.

  • Jalen Hudson

    Jalen Hudson

    I’m Jalen Hudson, a business major who plans on eventually getting a masters in psychology to pursue therapy. I’m also current B2B president, head of the Diversity Committee, former psychology vice president and current SGA vice president. Eventual goals include being an author, public speaker, therapist, and having my own podcast!

  • Kaisha Francillon

    Kaisha Francillon

    My name is Kaisha Francillon, and I am currently a health science major at GHC. I made a huge career change these past few weeks from aspiring to be a lawyer to wishing to become a nurse! Ever since I was young, I have always wanted to help and take care of people. I truly wanted to find my real passion and I think it is just helping people become better physically and mentally. My mental health has had a huge impact on me. There are probably other students around me struggling with the same thing as I am. I’d really like to push the conversation about mental health out there in my school and have more resources as well. In the past couple of weeks, I've learned that things take time and that things need to happen naturally. As President of the SGA, I would have the honor of providing support to students. These students need a listener and someone who cares about them.

  • Jordan McDowell

    Jordan McDowell

    My name is Jordan McDowell, and I’m a Sports Management major here at GHC. I will be going into my fifth semester in Summer and graduating in the fall of this year. When my time at GHC comes to an end, I would like to transfer to a university to get my Bachelor’s in Athletic Training. I love to dedicate my time to sports and helping others out to succeed in their dreams. I have a 10-month-old Golden Retriever whose name is Anni. She keeps me on my toes every day. I am a part time Physical Therapist Technician at Benchmark Physical Therapy. I love helping the patients getting back on their feet doing what they love the most. Recently, I started volunteering at GHC by helping in the Kinesiology and Wellness department. I was an Orientation Leader for Fall of 2022. I enjoyed meeting the new upcoming students and helping them find their way around the campus. It would be an honor to serve as the SGA President of GHC where I can continue serving the students and the staff by bringing in more positive attitude to the association.

  • Abby Schmidt

    Abby Schmidt

    Hi, my name is Abby Schmidt. I'm a freshman student at Georgia Highlands College. I'm currently studying to be a nutritionalist, and I think I will be a wonderful candidate for Georgia Highlands College. I also think I can help people who want to change their life and get back into healthier life habits.