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Meet the Candidates

Meet the Candidates

For President

  • TJ with his brother

    Trevor Jacob Anderson

    Hello! My name is TJ Anderson, and I’m currently a full time Computer Science student here at GHC. I was admitted in January of 2021, then took the Fall Semester off to work and save for the Spring, as I didn’t qualify for HOPE right out of high school. It’s wonderful to be back in the swing of things. When my time at GHC concludes, I’ll be transferring into GSU’s Computer Science program, hopefully into their dual-degree track. I think the Presidency or Vice-Presidency would suit me well, as I’ve demonstrated responsible behavior in gaining status as an honors student, as well as taking steps to volunteer in my local community, through organizations such as West Ridge and Helping Hands. I believe I could help commemorate a sense of camaraderie among my peers, acting as an intermediary to the goals of the school and the wishes of the students. Ultimately, a cohesive, productive environment would serve to further the sucesses of both parties, and serve to better the community as a whole. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to potentially working with you in the future!

  • Kylie

    Kylie Ledbetter

    Why is the feeling of awe and curiosity limited to Ivy League schools or Oxford? I believe that this feeling of ambition, of being a part of something greater than yourself, is achievable in any institution if teachers and students work together to create an atmosphere and mindset of curiosity. With my years of tutoring and leadership, I have worked to foster collaboration, inspiration, and unquenchable curiosity whenever I get the chance. It would be an honor as SGA President to represent a student body that wants to cultivate this culture with me.

  • Edsiah

    Edsiah Nelson

    My name is Edsiah Nelson, and I’m a biology major here at GHC. When my time at GHC concludes, I’ll be transferring to UGA to pursue my bachelors and masters in Biology. I believe in greatness and love watching people do great things which is one of the reasons why I’m perceived as a born leader, I’ve always been dependable, determining and industrious. With my years of leadership, I have represented the youth ministry in my church since I was a teenager and the international Club throughout high school. It would be a great honor to serve as the SGA president of GHC where I can continue the establishment of a good balance between the administration and the students and bring a lot of positive changes to the to the association.

  • Brooke

    Brooke E Niemann

    My name is Brooke, and I would like to be the Student Body President because I believe that I am resourceful, dedicated, and am the type of person to not shy away from tough situations. I am confident that I can lead with skill and heart—to improve our school for every student piece by piece.

  • Labeeba

    Labeeba Shafique

    I am Labeeba Shafique. I go by Labeeba (or any endearing nickname you would like to give me). I am pursuing the Pre-Engineering Pathway at Georgia Highlands College. I aspire to be a Bioengineer and work in the field of Biomedical Device Concentration and Rehabilitation. Using my chosen major, I dream of tackling some of the most complicated physiological problems people across the board have been dealing with for years. Being born and brought up in a developing country made me also want to minor in Economics and Human Health. At Georgia Highlands College, I have been fortunate to take my interest beyond the current coursework and gain hands-on research experience and take part in challenging tasks. From an early age, I have aimed to be a leader. According to me the head of an organization is never someone who stands above the whole team, but rather someone who stands with an entire team just to guide, coordinate and manage them. These are only the most fundamental reasons why a leader is required. A good leader in my opinion is just someone who is fulfilling these requirements dutifully. Leadership connotes a sense of responsibility, time-management skills, consideration, compassion, and self-assertion. I think none of these are inherent qualities only, anybody can develop these qualities in abundance if they desire. The need to demonstrate competence comes with the responsibilities that a leader takes on - that of looking after a whole group or an organization and not just assuring that all the checkpoints are being met but creating new checkpoints. These essentials of a leader are precisely why my impetus has been taking on leadership roles. Having deadlines to meet makes me feel at home. My passion is to work with people- delegating, managing, and helping them in each step. The most appealing component of being chosen as the President is not getting to exhibit condescension but my confidence and creativity nor that of having the authority but that of getting to lend my assistance. Lastly, not the prestige or power of the title but the pressure that comes with the title is what motivates me to pursue this opportunity. I pledge to contribute my earnest sincerity and dedication to the Student Government Association.

  • Lydia Varases

  • Sarah Watjen

    Sarah Watjen

    My name is Sarah Watjen, and I am entering my senior year at Georgia Highlands College. I am a non-traditional student who took time off during my sophomore year to devote myself full time to being a mother. When I felt ready to return to school, I was glad that Georgia Highlands College offered me the opportunity to continue my education online. I was even more grateful when my accounting professor encouraged me to apply for an internship with Paulding County. That internship turned into a fulltime position as an accountant in the finance department at Paulding County. Working full time and going to school full time to earn a bachelor’s degree in logistics and supply chain management, all while raising my two daughters, can be very challenging. I’ll admit there have even been a few brief moments when I wondered if I could withstand the pressure. But I am passionate about my career goals and extremely grateful for all the support and opportunities Georgia Highlands has given me to grow and succeed as a student, an employee, and a person. That is why I would love the opportunity to give back to GHC by helping other students reach their goals as well. Parenthood may have come to me at a young age, but it made me even more determined to succeed in my career and become the kind of role model my daughters can be proud of. Thanks to Georgia Highlands, I know how to make that dream a reality.