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The Office of Planning, Assessment Accreditation and Research of Georgia Highlands College provides data and analysis necessary to support informed decision-making and the completion of a variety of reporting responsibilities internally and externally. When making a data request from the PAAR Office, complete and submit the GHC Data Request Form.

Student Achievement Data

Frequently-requested information about demographics, enrollment, retention, and graduation at Georgia Highlands College.

Fact Books

Fact Books contain general information about the college, including its organizational structure, mission, and goals, as well as sections on student data, academic programs, credit hours, personnel data, academic success, distance learning, student affairs, athletics, information technology, finances, and facilities.

2018-2019 Fact Book

2017-2018 Fact Book

2016-2017 Fact Book

2015-2016 Fact Book

2014-2015 Fact Book

2013-2014 Fact Book

2012-2013 Fact Book

2011-2012 Fact Book


GHC Survey Administration Calendar 

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Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE)

2017 CCSSE Key Findings

2014 CCSSE Key Findings

GHC Data Request Form

Institutional Review Board

Human Subjects Research at GHC

USG by the Numbers

A searchable database is provided by the University System of Georgia (USG) to help interested parties find information about enrollment, retention, graduation rates, and degrees conferred at any USG institution or by sector.

USG by the Numbers

Complete College Georgia Plan and Annual Updates

Georgia Highlands College participates in the Complete College Georgia (CCG) initiative within the University System of Georgia.  A wealth of information about student achievement initiatives at GHC appears in the annual updates, especially in the data appendix of each document from 2015 forward.

CCG 2019 Update

CCG 2018 Update

CCG 2017 Update

CCG 2016 Update

CCG 2015 Update

CCG 2014 Update

CCG 2013 Update

CCG original plan