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Student Achievement Data

This page provides frequently-requested information about student enrollment and completion at Georgia Highlands College.  Some information comes from GHC’s Office of Planning, Assessment, Accreditation, and Research (PAAR), including excerpts from the GHC Fact Book.  Some reports come from the University System of Georgia (USG). Information is available in the following categories:

Student Demographics

Table of demographic data for Fall 2020

Student Enrollment

GHC’s total enrollment in Fall 2021 was 5,245.

Multi-Year Total Enrollment

Five-year view of total enrollment at GHC

Retention Rates

Retention rates are most frequently measured from a fall term to a fall term (one-year or fall-to-fall retention).  Retention from a fall term to the following spring term (fall-to-spring) is also reported in this section. First time students are usually a special focus.

One Year (Fall to Fall) Retention Rates

One-year retention of first time students who started in Fall 2020 is lower than a typical range for GHC. The lower rate may be an anomaly affected by the worldwide coronavirus pandemic.

GHC’s one-year retention rates compare favorably with the average one-year retention rates among State Colleges in USG (GHC’s peer institutions).

Fall to Spring Retention Rates

GHC’s fall-to-spring retention rates have historically been high. The most recent rates are below the typical range, possibly reflecting effects of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic.

Graduation Rates

Graduation rates for associate degrees are measured on a three-year basis by the University System of Georgia. The rate is the number of students who complete an associate degree within three years divided by the number of students who started at the college in the same term and were seeking associate degrees.

As with retention figures, the University System of Georgia publishes two figures for three-year graduation rate: the institutional rate (students who graduated from the same institution) and the system-wide rate (students who graduated from any USG institution). The rates shown below are the institutional graduation rates, which are typically lower than the system-wide rates.

GHC’s three-year graduation rate for first time, full time students seeking associate degrees is just below the all-time high for the most recent cohort.

GHC’s three-year graduation rate for first time students who initially enrolled part time and were seeking associate degrees is an all-time high for the most recent cohort.


Complete College Georgia Plan and Annual Updates

Georgia Highlands College participates in the Complete College Georgia initiative within the University System of Georgia.  A wealth of student achievement data appears in the annual updates, particularly in the data appendices. A list of the updates can be found on the IESI Research page.

USG by the Numbers

A searchable database is provided by the University System of Georgia (USG) to help interested parties find information about enrollment, retention, graduation rates, and degrees conferred at any USG institution.  This facility is sometimes called “USG 123.”