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Meet our Honors Students

Meet our Outstanding Students!

Lyzette SchottDacia Shackelford


Each year, we honor students that have earned enough honors credits for a Certificate of Achievement in the Honors Program.

In addition to Certificates of Achievement and Honors Diplomas, awarded for milestones of completion in the Honors Program, we also recognize the best of the best of our students each year. The Outstanding Achievement in the Honors Program award is given annually at Honors Night to Honors Students that have excelled on completed honors projects in the pursuit of honors credit, as voted on by the faculty of the Honors Advisory Committee. Our most recent recipients:

Lyzette Schott, Dacia Shackelford – 2024
Labeeba Shafique – 2023
Samantha Lewis – 2022
Karen Rogers – 2021
Leah Waagen – 2020

Not every honors student is going to win a competitive award, but they are all among the best students at GHC. Included below are profiles for some Honors Program students. These students maintain high academic achievement while accepting the challenge to pursue mentored research projects. Forget ‘is this on the test?’ These students want to know more so that they can do more in life. They choose the challenge. They are analytical, curious, dedicated, and hard-working. We look forward to seeing the positive impact they will have after GHC!

If you are an honors student and haven’t completed your profile, email the Honors Director for a link to the form.