Every day, our students benefit from the gifts provided by faculty, staff, alumni and friends of Georgia Highlands College. Whether it is scholarships, or funds for specific purposes, philanthropy supports vibrancy, creativity and discovery. Regardless of size, each gift impacts a life and makes a difference.  Unrestricted dollars are flexible and immediately available, enabling the college to direct them wherever they are most urgently needed, whether its for an investment to enhance our educational “product” or a safety net to handle unforeseen costs that would otherwise strain GHC’s resources.


  • Emergency Funds for special circumstances
  • General Scholarships for tuition, fees and books
  • Travel Abroad scholarships
  • Special aid for student events and forums
  • Athletics


  • In-Service Day
  • Employee recognition awards
  • Retiree recognition and events
  • Faculty workshop luncheons
  • Professional development for employees


  • The Highlands Gala
  • GHC Foundation fundraising support
  • Student Success Centers
  • GHC Alumni Association
  • Foundation Youth Camp
  • Events with community schools
  • High School Counselor Workshops
  • Chamber of Commerce events and membership


For more information please contact the Office of College Advancement