Mentoring & Impact

Making a Difference

Foundation Camp counselor with camper with basketball prize

Foundation Camp has positively impacted the lives of the campers and the larger community. When campers leave Foundation Camp and continue in their regular school year, camp directors and counselors have been available for mentoring. They check in with Guidance office staff at area middle and elementary schools, and work with campers who need help with a class or just need someone familiar to talk to.

Foundation Camp camper laughing, sitting in a school desk

Over the years, many campers have graduated from high school and gone on to college, with a significant number attending Georgia Highlands. At Highlands, many former campers join our Brother 2 Brother and GHAME initiatives (Georgia Highlands African American and Minority Male Excellence). Some return to camp as staff members and camp counselors.

Thanks to the partnership between the 100 Black Men of Rome-NWGA and Georgia Highlands College, Foundation Camp is making a strong positive difference in families and the community. 

One Example, of Many: Mr. Dakota Whatley

Young Dakota with iPad in classroom
Here is Dakota at age 12, attending Foundation Camp. This was an iPad class taught by Rob Laltrello, now head of GHC’s Technology Division.
Dakota, now a counselor, assisting another camper with a painting assignment
Here is Dakota a few years later, as a Georgia Highlands College student, working as a Foundation Camp Counselor.
Dakota, in a black suit with red tie, wearing B2B pin
Dakota Whatley while at Georgia Highlands as a member of Brother 2 Brother and GHAME.
Dakota working in IT at GHC
After graduation, Dakota worked in Information Technology for the City of Rome.
Dakota getting pinned in B2B
Dakota joined the 100 Black Men of Rome-Northwest Georgia.
Dakota at a booth representing his IT company, Whatley Technology Services
Now Dakota owns and runs his own company: Whatley Technology Services.  He will be working again at Foundation Camp this summer.

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