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2016-2017 Alumni Board of Directors

The Alumni Association is governed by the GHC Alumni Board of Directors, a committee of volunteers who plan programs and events that support the GHC Alumni Association. The board is led by a President, Vice President/President elect, who serve two year terms of office. The board is composed of a minimum of eight board members and meet quarterly. The Alumni Development Specialist shall serve as the Secretary/Treasurer and is a voting member of the Alumni Board. The board is overseen by the Vice President of Advancement and is an ex- offico, nonvoting member.

Nominations for new board members are always welcomed. To nominate a prospective member please contact Alison Lampkin at:

Alumni Board President 
Dan Knowles

Alumni Vice President/President elect
Dr. Susan Claxton

Alumni Board Trustees
Harold Boyd, GHC retiree representative

Donnie Denson

Scotty Hancock

Tim Hensley

Dr. Lynn Plunkett

Steve White