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Foreign Travel

Itemized hotel receipts are required. See Lodging for complete guidelines.

Meal rates for foreign travel are based on the rates posted on the Department of the State website: Foreign Per Diem Rates.

Foreign Per Diem Rate guidelines can be found on the Department of the State website, as well.

The foreign incidental allowance must be deducted. Incidental expenses are reimbursed as documented by receipts.

Federal regulations require that U.S. carriers be used for foreign travel on trips funded by federally sponsored programs, unless a U.S. carrier is not available.

See Business Procedures Manual (Section 4.3) for complete travel receipt documentation guidelines and (Section 4.9.6) for complete passport and visa fee guidelines.

Note: Claimed expenses must be converted to US dollars and exchange rate documented. Use OANDA Currency Converter for this.

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