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Registration and Fee Information

Fee Information

After registration comes fee payment and/or financial aid validation. Georgia Highlands College is not allowed to defer fee payment after the stated deadlines, according to Board of Regents Policy.

In order to avoid classes being dropped, students need to pay in full by the established deadlines.

After registering, students should print out their combined schedule/charges at the designated computer. Current charges and bills can be downloaded from our website. Paper bills are no longer mailed.

View Schedule/Billing.

The student should then proceed with fee payment or validation as follows:

Financial Aid Payment:

IMPORTANT: If a student’s financial aid covers tuition and fees when your schedule/charges are printed, you will have a negative balance. If financial aid credits are not printed on the schedule/charges as the student expects, the student should contact the Financial Aid Office immediately at 706-295-6311.

This means that a student relying on financial aid to pay fees and registers, but later decides NOT to attend school must drop their classes to avoid unsatisfactory grades or financial liability (for loans, pells, etc.)

Methods of Payment other than Financial Aid:

Georgia Highlands College accepts cash, credit cards, and checks as long as the student has no record of writing Non-Sufficient Fund (NSF) or stop payment checks to the institution. Students should be aware the Georgia Highlands College does pursue NSF and stop payment checks to the fullest extent per Georgia Highlands College collections policy.