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Refund Frequently Asked Questions

How will I receive my refund?

All refunds are processed via your refund preference selected at



When will I get my money?

Refunds are processed after all charges, including bookstore purchases have been added to the account.

Title IV funds are refunded within 14 days after they have been disbursed on your account.

Third Party Payment Refunds do not follow the 14 Day Policy due to additional verifications that are required.


Can I pick up my refund in the Business Office?

No, refunds are processed by BankMobile.


How do I know if my refund has been processed?

Log into Banner/Score > Go to Student Account > Select Statement and Payment History, and at the top is the last transaction that hit your account.


How do I know my Loan Disbursement Dates

Direct Loans actually mail the disbursements date information to your home address. If you did not receive it,  log onto Click on Disclosure Statements. It will list the disclosure statement by the enrollment period, and then click applicable.


What do Disbursement/ Disbursement Dates mean?

Disbursement is when the financial aid office actually moves your awarded funds over from an authorized status to a paid status on Banner/ SCORE.

Disbursement date is the date that the funds are expected to paid on your account. This date changes each semester and can be found under the Announcements section of the Links and Forms page.