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Daily Per Diem

Meal Per Diems

Per diem amounts are designed to cover the cost of the meal, taxes, and tip. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and reception are considered meal offers. If employees claim per diem reimbursement for meals indicated as provided by the agenda, futher explanation must be provided to consider meal reimbursement.

An detail agenda from the event is required for meal reimbursement.

For single-day trips, the employees must travel more than 50 miles from their personal home AND their home campus AND be away for more than (12) hours to be entitled to 75% meal reimbursement.


For overnight trips, travelers are eligible for 75% of the total per diem rate on the first and last day of travel. Days in between the first and last day of travel will be reimbursed at the 100% meal rate.

  • For trips involving multiple travel destinations, base the reduction on the per diem rate in effect where the night was spent, as follows:

              Departure Day: where you are spending the night.

              Return Day: Where you spent the night before returning from your trip.

  • If any meals are provided to the traveler on the first and last day of travel, the full meal per diem rate (s) should be deducted from the total day meal reimbursement 75% proration. For example, if the per diem allows a $28 total reimbursement, and lunch was provided at no cost on a travel departure or return day, the total allowable reimbursement for that day would be $14 [$28 *.75= $21 less $7 lunch (Full Per Diem) = $14.00].


Out of State per diem allowance rates are based on the Federal Per Diem rate page.

For In-state 100% per diem rates, click here.

See Business Procedures Manual (Section 4) for complete per diem guidelines.

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