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A detailed itinerary and receipts are required when traveling by airline, including class of fare.

Documented justification is required for flight changes.

Travelers must fly coach class or cheaper, and purchase trip insurance (refer to as a resource for finding the least expensive airfare.) Business class is reimbursable for an international flight if nonstop is greater than 10 hour flight.

Receipts are required for all baggage fees. One (1) piece of checked luggage is reimbursable. A baggage charge for excess weight is reimbursable if for business purposes and approved prior to travel.

Lowest Logical Airfare rule should be followed. Lower cost of flight should be chosen within two hours before or after the preferred flight time when the alternative flight saves $200 or more.

If a connection does not add more than 2 hours to travel time, and connection saves more than $200, choose connection. This is not applicable if connection requires change of airline.

If refundable fair must be used, the difference in the cost of the flight should not exceed $150.

See Business Procedures Manual (Section 4.7) for complete airline travel guidelines.

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