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Our Goal

The goal of the GHC Writing Center is to support students’ development as writers and help students gain confidence in their writing abilities.

Our Mission

The GHC Writing Center understands that words are powerful and that the ability to communicate effectively is crucial for student success personally, academically, and professionally.

Thus, our mission is to promote student success through assisting students from all backgrounds and disciplines in all stages of the writing process. It is our hope that our services will help students gain confidence in their writing abilities and become stronger writers and effective communicators.

Our Services

At the GHC Writing Center, we support student success through a variety of services that help students navigate their writing process in a more effective way. We offer strategies, advice, and feedback for all stages of the writing process.


We can help brainstorm ideas for academic, creative, and even personal writing assignments. If you are not sure how to start, talk with a writing assistant!


We can help organize ideas into an outline to give you the best possible start on your writing. If you are getting feedback that your writing needs clearer organization, we are glad to help!

Grammar Help

We can help check for grammar and sentence structure. Whether you are debating the use of nominative or objective pronouns or you don't even know what those terms mean, we are here to help make grammar more accessible! 


We can help check for clarity and understanding. If you are getting feedback about transitions or flow in your writing, let us help you think through better options!


We can help with every stage of the research process. Whether you are struggling with finding sources or citing the sources you already have, we can help you support your argument with clarity.


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