Frequently Asked Questions


This page addresses some frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the Employee Recognition Program. For additional questions or more information please contact Human Resources.

What is the deadline for nomination submittals?

December 18, 2020.

When and where will the next awards event take place?

The awards event will be virtual and will take place on March 26, 2021.

When will the final review process take place by the selection committee?

January 29, 2021.

Can I nominate myself?


Do I have to tell the person I am nominating that I am the one who submitted their nomination?

No, but it is a good idea to tell them. This lets them know that someone recognizes the outstanding work they are performing. They will be notified of their nomination by the Human Resources prior to the Annual Award Ceremony during Fall In-Service.

Does the nominee’s supervisor/manager have to authorize the nomination?

No. The Employee Recognition Committee and senior leadership will review and evaluate all nominations.

Can I nominate someone who is no longer employed at GHC?

Generally, no. However, exceptions are made when the nominee has retired during the year.

How will I know that you received my nomination?

Human Resources will confirm receipt of your nomination via e-mail.

Is it really necessary to answer so many questions to submit a nomination?

Yes. We will need as much specific information as you can provide in order to appreciate the degree to which your candidate should receive the award.

What if I want to nominate someone but need help in completing the nomination materials; is there someone I can talk with to answer my questions?

Yes. Speak with your manager or you may call Human Resources for assistance.