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GHC strives to assist students in attaining their academic goals with little to no student loan debt. The GHC Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid and the GHC Foundation both encourage incoming and current students to apply for scholarship opportunities that can help finance their education.

GHC Foundation Commitment

The GHC Foundation has been committed to supporting the college and our students since 1973.  The Foundation is driven to enhance education, to create opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to succeed, and to expand the horizons of Georgia Highlands College.  Thanks to the generosity of donors, the Foundation is honored to award a number of scholarships each semester to new and continuing students. 

The Georgia Highlands College Foundation, Inc. contributes over half a million dollars to scholarships and programs each year!

Institutional scholarship criteria can vary greatly and may be based on age, program of study, county of residence, and many other factors.  Let our scholarship search engine do the work for you!  By creating a GHC scholarship account and completing the online application, the search engine will generate a list of potential scholarships that you are eligible to apply for.

Follow these simple steps to create your scholarship account:

  1. Be admitted as a GHC student for the current semester (must have a GHC ID number).
  2. Have a current-year FAFSA on file with GHC (all requirements must be completed).
  3. Use your GHC student email to create an account on our scholarship site.
  4. Complete the scholarship application and then click on any scholarships you want to apply for.

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Once you have reviewed our scholarship opportunities, APPLY TODAY!

Scholarship Searches Are Free!

We at Georgia Highlands College encourage you to apply for external (outside) scholarships to maximize your funding opportunities as you embark on your educational journey as a GHC Charger!  Remember that you should never have to pay to do a scholarship search or application nor should you be required to provide financial information!  With a little online research of your own (Google Search), you will be able to find many external (outside) scholarship opportunities that could potentially assist you in your journey!

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