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Satisfactory Academic Progress

  • Maintain a 2.0 GPA or higher
  • Complete 67% of courses attempted
  • Complete program of study within 150% timeframe

*Students meet all above areas to maintain SAP and remain eligible for financial aid*

What is SAP?

Federal regulations require institutions to utilize Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). To remain eligible for Federal Student Aid students must maintain successful progress towards the completion of their degree when receiving federal funds. Federal regulations mandate that institutions establish, publish and apply SAP standards that monitor student progress towards the completion of their degree program.  Students who fail to meet these standards will be placed on Financial Aid Warning or Suspension.  Academic performance must meet the SAP standards listed above.

When is SAP checked?

Satisfactory Academic Progress is evaluated at the end of each semester.  Please remember this is overall progress at Georgia Highlands College and will include all transfer credits accepted by GHC.

SAP Measures

  1. CGPA: A student must maintain a 2.0 GPA or above cumulative grade point average.  Learning Support classes are included in the GPA calculation for Financial Aid purposes.
  2. Pace: The pace at which a student must progress in his/her program of study. Students must complete a minimum of 67% of all the total hours attempted at Georgia Highlands College. Divide the number of credit hours by the overall attempted hours at GHC to get your Completion Rate (all transfer credits and Learning Support credits count).

    Hours Successfully Completed

    • Grades “A” through “D”
    • “S” Satisfactory Grades
    • “K” Credit
    • “IC” Institutional Credit

    Hours Not Completed

    • “F” Grade
    • “I” Incomplete Grade
    • “W” Withdraw
    • “U” Unsatisfactory
    • “V” Audit
    • “WF” Withdrew Failing
    • “IP” used in Learning Support Classes

  3. Maximum timeframe: The maximum amount of attempted hours a student may receive financial aid at Georgia Highlands College is 150% of the total hours published in his/her program of study. This includes all transfer credit hours regardless of whether the courses are required for the student’s course of study.

    Maximum Timeframe Per Program:

    *All Transfer Credits are Included*

    All Programs (unless listed below) Max Out of Aid Eligibility at 99 Attempted Hours.

    • Associate of Science – Human Services = 101 Attempted Hours
    • Associate of Science – Dental Hygiene = 116 Attempted Hours
    • Associates of Science Registered Nursing (RN) = 105 Attempted Hours
    • Bachelors of Science – Nursing = 188 Attempted Hours
    • Bachelors of Science – Dental Hygiene = 180 Attempted Hours

What’s My Status?

Financial Aid Warning

The very first time a student does not meet all three SAP requirements or the first time after getting back in good standing.

Financial Aid Suspension

Students who do not meeting SAP for the second consecutive time.  Students who are placed on Suspension are not eligible for any federal or state aid until the minimum SAP requirements are met.  However, students on suspension may file an appeal if placed on financial aid suspension due not meeting the GPA and/or Completion Rate minimums, students who have reached Max Timeframe are not eligible for an appeal.

SAP Appeals must have documentation of extenuating circumstances beyond the students control that contributed to their inability to maintain satisfactory progress. Details and documentation must be provided along with the appeal form. The SAP Committee will only review and decide on COMPLETE Appeals. Committee decisions are based on appeal statements and all evidence that is provided when making a final ruling.

Students can only appeal ONCE throughout the course of their education with Georgia Highlands College.

Financial Aid Probation

Students who have SAP Appeals approved are placed on Financial Aid Probation. Students will be awarded financial aid for the term(s) on Probation. Probationary status will require students to meet all the terms and conditions set forth by the SAP Committee.

Terms and conditions set fort are unique to the student and their circumstances.

Meeting the terms and conditions set forth is required if the student wishes to maintain probation and continue to receive aid for their next semester.

Students who fail to adhere to the terms set forth, will be place on Financial Aid Suspension and the appeal will be revoked.

Students who lose their appealcannot submit another appeal. Requests for extensions will be denied. Minimum SAP requirements must be met without financial aid before eligibility to receive aid is reinstated.

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