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How to Apply for Financial Aid at GHC

Financial Aid Checklist                                                                                                    

Application Process                                                                                                    

  • Know the Financial Aid Deadlines!  Check GHC’s web site for the deadline dates to have a “complete” file.  Your file must be complete by the deadline to be reviewed before the semester begins.
  • Electronically submit the FAFSA before the priority deadline – This will start the financial aid process and determine aid amounts.  Be sure to include the School Code: 009507 and visit our website for the financial aid deadlines.
    • Complete and file your taxes
    • Go to and apply for a pin number for both the student and parents (if applicable)
    • Two to three weeks after filing your income taxes, go to to complete your Federal Financial aid application
    • Five to seven days after completing the FAFSA, check the email you listed on your application for your Student Aid Report (SAR)
    • Once you have received your SAR go to the next step

Can take up to 10 days for GHC to receive the information from FAFSA

  • Please make sure that you check your aid status on your SCORE account so that you can respond to any request for verification.  If not yet admitted, students may access SCORE with your SSN – The Federal Government randomly selects FAFSA’s for verification.  If selected, you will need to log into and follow instructions for setting up accounts and providing the additional information requested.

Can take 2 to 4 weeks once your file is complete

  • The ONLY acceptable documentation for verifying tax information will be IRS Data Retrieval on the FAFSA or an official tax transcript from the IRS for tax filers, and W2 forms for non-tax filers.

Can take up to 8 weeks to receive a tax transcript if requested

  • Financial Aid does not transfer from one school to another.  If you are a transfer student, you will need to cancel all pending loans at the school where you last attendedAfter requesting cancellation at your previous school, please notify Georgia Highlands that your loans have been cancelled.

Can take up to 48 hours to show cancelled in the system once your previous school completes the cancellation

Once You Are Awarded

  • Check your SCORE via the “Check My Aid Status” link to view your financial aid award. You will not be awarded until you have been fully admitted to Georgia Highlands College.
  • If you are awarded student loans, you must follow the instructions to accept them on your SCORE account.  You may accept full or partial amounts but no less than $500 per semester.  Remember amount accepted will be split in half between two semesters, unless otherwise noted.   Make sure to complete the entire process. (complete Entrance Counseling and sign an MPN at )

Once you have accepted your loans, it can take up to 5 days to process

The procedures for accepting loans are:

  • Log on to SCORE
  • Select Financial Aid
  • Select Award
  • Select Award by Aid Year
  • Select Aid Year from drop down box
  • Click Accept Award Offer
  • Then next to fund select Accept and put the appropriate amount in the box and click Submit Decision
  • After accepting the loans, you will need to complete Entrance Counseling and
  • Sign the Master Promissory Note (MPN) at
  • If awarded a Parent Plus Loan you must print the application off Highlands website under Forms and submit it to the Financial Aid Office with a copy of parent’s driver’s license.
  • After registering for classes, you can view your Schedule Bill to see what aid you have been awarded. The Schedule Bill is the only place where you will be able to view your awards and charges all on one page. It is also the only place where you can view your financial aid refund prior to disbursement.
  • You can charge your books and supplies to your Business Office account in the GHC Bookstore during the posted Bookstore dates for the current semester. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have enough money left over after tuition and fees to cover any balance you incur in the bookstore.
  • Refunds are distributed by the Business Office. Please refer to their page on the website for further information regarding your financial aid refunds.