Recommended deadlines to apply for federal financial aid for each semester are listed below. If you have not completed your FAFSA application by these dates, be prepared to pay for tuition and all related fees by the posted fee payment deadlines.

Priority Deadlines for Federal Financial Aid


  • March 1 (ahead of the upcoming summer semester)


  • July 1 (ahead of the upcoming fall semester)


  • November 1 (ahead of the upcoming spring semester)

FAFSA applications will continue to be processed throughout the aid year. However, FAFSAs must be received and all Verifications (if applicable) must be completed by the Priority Deadline Dates posted for the applicable semester in order to guarantee that any applicable financial aid gets posted to the student account by the posted FEE PAYMENT DEADLINE.

  • Students are responsible for securing their schedule by paying any balances due (IF there is a remaining balance due) by the posted fee payment deadlines for the applicable semester.
  • You can access your class schedule information, charges including tuition/fees, financial aid/payment information, and any balances owed/refunds due on your  Schedule/Bill.
  • If a student must pay out of pocket to secure their schedule while they are waiting for their financial aid eligibility to be determined and awarded, the GHC Business Office will refund any potential financial aid within 14 days of those financial aid funds being released onto the student’s account.

Please be aware there is no guarantee that the financial aid you’re eligible for will be the same as any amount paid out of pocket. The amount of financial aid you receive will be determined by processing of your FAFSA application and NOT by the amount of money you may have to pay out of pocket.