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Recommended deadlines to apply for federal and state financial aid for each semester are listed below. If you have not completed your aid application by these dates, be prepared to pay for tuition and all related fees.

Priority Deadlines for Financial Aid

FALL – July 1st          SPRING – November 1st        SUMMER – March 1st

The Office of Financial Aid continually process applications throughout the aid year; however, financial aid files must be complete and all required documentation submitted by the Priority Deadline Date, or an award cannot be guaranteed by FEE PAYMENT DEADLINE.

If your aid does not cover 100% of your balance on your most current SCHEDULE/BILL by Fee Payment Deadline, the student is responsible to secure their schedule and pay out of pocket whatever the remaining balance due is. For those who pay out of pocket to secure their schedule, once eligibility for aid is determined and awarded, if you are eligible to receive funds, the Business Office will refund all credits within 14 days from the day funds were released into your student account.