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USG Chancellor’s Learning Scholars

The Chancellor’s Learning Scholars (CLS) were representatives from each institution in the University System of Georgia (USG) who facilitated Faculty Learning Communities (FLC) on their campuses.

These FLCs were designed to give small groups of faculty (typically 8-10) the opportunity to engage in sustained, meaningful conversations about teaching and learning with supportive colleagues from across campus. Members met regularly throughout the length of the program as they explored areas of interest, leading to changes in their teaching practice.

At the end of the program, each CLS and FLC participant should be able to point to a change or innovation they have made in their classroom or on their syllabus to an assignment, activity, or course material as a result of their participation in the FLC.

These FLCs were facilitated at GHC from 2018-2022. The CLSes who facilitated them are listed below.