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Wyoming Summer Geology Field Course GHC Geo 1121k/1122k Professor Billy Morris
The Cost

how much $$$ do i need

The cost for the trip portion of the course is set at $1,700. If you are selected to participate in the course, a $500 deposit will be due within ten working days of your notification of acceptance to hold your seat, with the balance, $1,200, due in two installments; $600 due on February 1st and remaining $600 is due on April 1st. The trip cost does not include tuition and fees normally associated with coursework at GHC. It does not include spending money, food, souvenirs, and other incidental expenses. You should plan on budgeting at least $2,300 for the trip and associated costs, again, not including tuition and GHC fees.

What DOES the $1,700 fee include?
The package cost includes round trip airfare from Atlanta to Denver, all ground transportation in Colorado and Wyoming, a boat tour of Alcova Lake and Fremont Canyon, round trip boat transportation across Jenny Lake, all lodging (4 to a room), selected meals, entrance fees to museums and national parks, fossil quarry, and other points of interest, entrance to Star Plunge water park in Thermopolis, and use of course materials such as maps, guidebooks, and other field equipment (GPS, hammers, compasses, binoculars, etc.)

What does the $1,700 fee NOT include?
Tuition and fees normally associated with attending Georgia Highlands College are not included in the trip cost.
The fee does not cover all of your meals.
The fee does not include the cost of your free day activities.
​The fee does not include health insurance coverage during the trip. You must provide proof of personal health insurance coverage to participate.
​The amount of spending money you will need varies greatly according to individual preferences. You should plan on spending at least $600 additional for food, souvenirs, and miscellaneous expenses.

Your trip fee DOES cover these meals:
Breakfast while in Casper, Kemmerer, and Ft. Collins, cookout dinner at Colter Bay, and a chuckwagon dinner complete with a cowboy music show at the Bar-J Ranch in Wilson, WY.

​All other meals will be at your expense.
The cost for meals will range from inexpensive fast-food and chain restaurants to slightly more expensive concessionaire offerings inside the national parks. You will also have the opportunity to shop at grocery stores in most of our locations however some lodging may not have refrigerators or microwaves in the rooms. Each room will be provided a cooler/ice chest to ensure your groceries are kept fresh. On hiking days most lunches will consist of a sandwich and fruit. Peanut butter and jelly will become your best friend. If you need 3 square meals per day, I count 34 that are not paid for. Based on an average cost of a meal at $8.00, which may be a low estimate, that means you should budget @ $272 minimum for meal money.

​If the occasion arises and you are not too tired from the day's activities we may have the opportunity to sample some of the local restaurants including Dornan's in the Tetons and Sanford's in Casper. Both always offer a unique atmosphere that you can only find in Wyoming.

Overall, experience shows that a realistic cost for this trip will be at least $2,300-including trip fee, money for meals, and spending money, but not tuition and fees.

Payment and Cancellation policy
​All payments for the trip are made to the Georgia Highlands College Business Office; specify the Wyoming account when making your payment, and keep your receipts!

The deposit is due within ten working days after acceptance into the courses. If not paid within ten days of acceptance, the seat may be forfeited to someone on the waitlist. The deposit ($500) is non-refundable regardless of circumstances. The first $600 payment is due February 1st.
​Late payments may result in seat forfeiture.
Cancellations between February 1st and April 1st can result in a $600 refund only if a replacement is found.
Second $600 payment due April 1st.
No portion of the fee is refundable after April 1st unless a replacement student is accepted into the program. Replacements will not be considered after June 1st.
There will be no refund of any fees for a late cancellation after June 1st.

The cost of the trip is based on the number of students participating. Georgia Highlands College makes commitments to hoteliers, restaurateurs, museums, airlines, vehicle rental agencies, and others in the form of cash deposits. Deposits and subsequent full payments constitute the basis on which the trip fee is calculated. A late cancellation, regardless of circumstances, cannot be refunded. Georgia Highlands College recommends that students purchase trip cancellation or travel insurance through a reputable insurance agent to protect their investment.

Student taking notes outside
Students on field excursion
Waterfall in Yellowstone National Park
Mammoth Hot Springs
Dinosaur sculpture
Bison grazing in open field

"As in Geology, so in social institutions, we may discover the causes of all past changes in the present invariable order of society"

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