Mutual Respect

You are responsible for your own weather. If you decide that it’s cloudy and rainy inside, that’s the attitude that you will affect others with.

One premise upon which we will base all of our behavioral attitudes in tutoring is:

Each of you is responsible for your own behavior. Other people do not change you or your behavior. Once you accept responsibility for your own attitudes and behavior, you may then be able to provide a climate that will encourage consistent positive behavior on the part of the person with whom you are working.

Your behavior and that of the tutee’s greatly influences the effectiveness of each tutoring session. It is your responsibility to develop a climate that is understanding and warm as well as task-oriented. Once a good beginning is established, you will assure yourself of a smooth middle and ending of the session.

Preventing problems is the key to tutoring. Discipline is less an issue if the tutor continues to practice and develop the skills listed below:

  • Knowing yourself and your attitude towards school will help you better understand others.
  • Positive self-concept building is contagious.
  • Helping relationships are developed through trust and caring.
  • Well developed communication skills help eliminate misunderstandings and encourage positive interaction