The Role of the Tutor

A tutor explains.

Students must understand a concept before he or she can learn it. The tutor is there to help a student understand.

A tutor evaluates.

Sometimes students don’t know why they are struggling. A tutor can identify the student’s strengths and weaknesses by looking at their previous work. The tutor then helps the student work on areas that need improvement.

A tutor works with the class program.

The tutor’s job is to add to what the student learns in class. The tutor helps the student review the requirements of the class, and to decide how to meet those requirements. The tutor can help the student identify questions that he or she needs to ask the teacher to get more help in class.

A tutor checks progress.

Students must do their own homework. A tutor cannot do homework for students. But the tutor can check the homework to see if students are mastering the material.

A tutor plans.

A tutor can put together a plan of action to help the student master the subject matter. The tutor can help the student set and achieve their goals.

A tutor encourages a student to be disciplined.

Some students need another person to help them stay on track. This is especially important for college students. Their friends are not always the best study partners. A tutor can help the student stay focused on studying.

A tutor is supportive.

Difficult classes can make a student discouraged. Many students have changed their educational or career plans because they could not learn a subject. Having a tutor can help a student get beyond the frustration.

A tutor teaches study skills.

For some students, the problem is not the course. These students need help with study skills and managing their study time. The tutor can help the student learn how to learn better and faster by organizing how they study.