Humanities Internships


An internship consists of an independent study combining fieldwork with academic activities. It allows students to augment classroom learning by working in a social, business, political, cultural, or community organization away from the campus community.

By completing suitable academic work under the direction of a faculty member, GHC students may earn course credit for internships. Faculty supervision will consist, at minimum, of consulting with and advising students as they search for internships, making contact with field supervisors throughout the internships, and receiving and processing final written reports from students upon completion of the internships.

Student work in a career-related job in their major field with no assistance or supervision by a faculty member may provide value to the student, but, for the purposes of this course requirement, is not considered an internship.

Recent examples: 
Katie Weatherford, film graduate, worked as a Production Assistant on the film Hero shot in Columbia, SC, during the summer of 2022.
Ashley Hall, former Editor in Chief for Six Mile Post, worked in promotions and marketing for Kingfisher Art Studio in Rome, GA, during the summer of 2023.


An internship provides a bridge between the theoretical and the practical; between an academic setting and the workplace; between Georgia Highlands College and the larger local, regional, national, and even international community.

Internships allow students to gain first-hand experience in a particular field of interest. This can help strengthen students' training in their majors and in seeking jobs. In some instances, students who perform well in their internships may even be offered jobs after graduation in the company in which they complete the internship.

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