B2B Alumni Network

The Georgia Highlands Brother 2 Brother Alumni Network is a group of men who were all members of the GHC Chapter of B2B when they were college students. Now they have gone on to their careers and additional college work, but they come together as B2B Alumni to continue some of the same powerful endeavors that they worked on in B2B. They provide a network of brothers to help one another, to help current GHC students who are in B2B, and to positively impact the community.

B2B Alumni Network Mission Statement

The mission of the GHC Brother 2 Brother Alumni Network is to illuminate and foster the expansion of men of color at Georgia Highlands College who seek to maximize their potential at the collegiate level; and to transform society through accountability, proactive leadership and intellectual development. The B2B Alumni Network will uphold and commit to the standard of academic excellence and brotherhood set at GHC through the creation of a lifelong community of alumni who will uplift each other and current GHAME and B2B members through engagement, mentorship, enrichment, and networking.

Current Executive Board

President: Elijah Bransford

Vice President: Marco Johnson

Director of Operations: Roderick Presswood

Historian: Karicka Culberson

Finance Director: Sean Subulade

Contact Us

Are you a former B2B member interested in joining the B2B Alumni Network, or in getting more information about it? Email the group at B2Balumni@highlands.edu.