Brother 2 Brother

Thanks to the state’s AAMI, we found out about a national program of student organizations at campuses around the country with the same mission—to increase the enrollment, retention, and graduation rates of African American and Latino men. This program is called SAAB or Student African American Brotherhood. There are over 300 chapters in colleges around the country, with a good history of success. We started a chapter called Brother 2 Brother as a part of our initiative. Being part of this successful national organization positively influenced our minority men at GHC, and our chapter has grown quickly. We started with 7 students in 2008, and now we have 120 students on 5 campus sites.

The GHC Chapter of B2B has won Chapter of the Year nationally 3 of the last 5 years.

Our GHAME and B2B Initiatives have shown solid progress and success, though we have a long way to go. We have benefitted from competitive state funding, awarded through AAMI. All moneys go toward programming and academic efforts.

Brother 2 Brother Affirmation

In order to empower ourselves and promote brotherhood, we the members of Brother 2 Brother embrace the principles of accountability, proactive leadership, self-discipline, and intellectual development. Through our beliefs and convictions, we uphold this mission at all times.

Structure of Student Organization

B2B meets at all five Highlands campuses once a week. Each campus chapter has its own set of officers and its own agendas. All five groups meet together periodically though the year. Faculty and staff advisors are there to guide them, to teach leadership skills, and serve as mentors—but the students run the B2B agendas.