Stats & Awards


GHAME and B2B have student chapters on 6 Georgia Highlands campus sites– Cartersville, Floyd, Paulding, Marietta, and Online.


GHC’s GHAME/B2B Students have earned higher grades than minority men who were not in GHAME/B2B every year for the past six years. Last year GHAME students had a 16% higher GPA.


GHC’s GHAME and B2B students have higher retention rates than the student body overall.

Here are the retention rates for the past 5 years:

2019-2020 64.3% 100%
2018-2019 66.4% 83.3%
2017-2018 66.3% 96.4%
2016-2017 66.7% 90.0%
2015-2016 69.8% 95.0%

Thanks to the high retention rates for GHAME and B2B, Georgia Highlands College has had the highest retention rates for African American Men among state colleges in Georgia for 7 of the past 11 years.

Graduation Rates:

  • Last year, GHAME and B2B members graduated at a 42.9% rate.
  • That is double the graduation rate for the student body overall.
  • It is 5 times the statewide graduation rate for African American men.
  • In fact, if you join GHAME and B2B, you have an 11 times greater chance of graduating.


The Georgia Highlands College Brother 2 Brother chapter has won the National Chapter of the Year Award three times, and is now ranked as a National Stellar Chapter of SAAB (Student African American Brotherhood).

The GHAME Initiative has won the State Leadership Award from the University System of Georgia’s African American Male Initiative (AAMI).


GHAME and B2B students and staff have made presentations nationally at the following conferences:

  • Global MindED Conference in Denver, Colorado (three years in a row)
  • Student African American Brotherhood Western Regional Conference, San Bernadino, California
  • A Dream Deferred Conference Charlotte, North Carolina
  • American Association of Community Colleges, San Francisco, California
  • Miami Dade College Conference Day, Miami, Florida
  • Student African American Brotherhood, 25th Anniversary Event, Los Angeles, California
  • Student African American Brotherhood National Conferences, Indianapolis, Detroit, Atlanta
  • SAAB Southeast Region Conference Host for three years.