The approved policies and guidelines for usage of GHC facilities serve to protect the interests of visitors, Georgia Highlands College, the University System of Georgia, and the community. These directives provide a clear statement of expectations and support an impartial and consistent management of the facilities. GHC retains the right to refuse facilities usage to organizations, groups or individuals who have previously violated usage policies or whose purpose violates any policy of the USG Board of Regents or GHC.





In the event of an emergency on GHC premises, call 911 and then immediately contact the Office of Campus Safety. A safety officer will attempt communication with the emergency vehicle to expedite arrival to the scene.


1. Call 911 2. Contact Campus Safety


Following is a brief description of each policy and some general guidelines for facilities usage.


Liability Insurance is required for all approved events and is necessary to protect the licensee, the attendees and GHC property from claims of negligence or improper action.


The Health & Safety guidelines define the responsibilities and actions needed to better ensure the safety of visitors on GHC property and better guarantee compliance with the License Agreement. Acknowledgment of this policy is required for all approved events.


The ITS External Acceptable and ITS External Acceptable Use Standard act to protect GHC’s technology resources from misuse and potential corruption.  This policy will be provided as part of the License Agreement for events that include GHC’s technology resources.


The GHC Catering Policy directs that all events approved for distribution of food or beverages shall contract with a food service vendor from Georgia Highlands’ list of approved caterers. The policy defines the responsibilities of both licensee and caterer. Acknowledgment of this policy is required for all approved events.


The GHC Alcohol Policy requires that state and local laws, rules and regulations be followed and details the circumstances of how alcoholic beverages can be provided. Acknowledgment of this policy is required for all approved events. Approval to serve alcoholic beverages on GHC property must be granted by the campus dean prior to approval of the License Agreement.


The GHC Revocable License Agreement is required for all approved events. The Agreement serves as a contract between the responsible party and GHC. It defines the facility, the event, and the associated fees and deposits. The Agreement also outlines the rules and guidelines for licensee and guests and states GHC’s responsibilities and obligations to licensee.  A facility remains unsecured until the License Agreement is completed. A completed Agreement requires proof of liability insurance, full payment of fees and security deposits, and approval of the campus dean.


General Guidelines

  1. Board of Regents policies govern the use of Georgia Highlands College facilities.
  2. Primary jurisdiction of the facilities at each GHC location shall rest with the Office of Campus Dean.
  3. No event shall be advertised or otherwise promoted prior to an approved License Agreement signed by the campus dean. Event promotions shall not indicate Georgia Highlands College or the University System of Georgia as partners or supporters unless the event is licensed as such.
  4. The promotion of alcohol in event advertisement is prohibited.
  5. Neither entry admissions nor other solicited funds may be made by cash exchange on GHC premises without the express consent from the campus dean. All sales conducted for the registration, admission and participation at an event should be completed prior to the event date and will be the responsibility of the licensee and sponsoring group.
  6. GHC facilities shall not be used for the purpose of organizing, aiding, or carrying out, in any degree, any unlawful activity.
  7. GHC facilities shall not be used to raise funds for political or religious purposes, to campaign for political or religious candidates or issues, or to promote or raise funds for any purpose which is not specifically approved by the Office of Campus Dean.