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Catering Policy

Approved events that include the distribution of food or beverages are required to secure a food service vendor from Georgia Highlands’ list of approved caterers.

Catering contracts are made directly between the licensee and the food service vendor. A copy of the contract will become part of the GHC License Agreement for informational purposes only, and all services and fees stated in the catering contract will remain between the licensee and vendor.


food on a banquet table


There are many things to consider when having an event catered. To ensure clear communication and satisfaction, below are some general guidelines for contracting with a GHC food service vendor. A detailed checklist is also provided to use as a guide in making your catering arrangements.


Responsibilities of the food service vendor include the cleanup of all food and beverage-related items including:

  • Breakdown of all catering equipment and supplies.
  • Removal of all food and beverage trash from the GHC facility.
  • Wipe down of GHC furnishings and equipment.


Responsibilities of the licensee include basic cleanup of all non-food/beverage items including:

  • Handouts.
  • Presentation materials.
  • Decorations.