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Booking An Event

Below is a simple overview of what to expect during the facilities usage process – from the initial request to the return of refundable deposits 30 days after an event. Also included here are a schedule of fees and deposits and a detailed checklist to serve as a comprehensive planning guide.


Flowchart of GHC Facilities Usage Procedures


1. Select Venue and submit request email to campus dean. 1a. GHC acknowledges receipt of request. 1b. GHC confirms availability & completes reservation form (5-7 business days). 2. Complete license agreement & make payment to secure facility (min. 2 weeks prior). 2a. GHC facility is reserved. 2b. GHC schedules a walkthrough of facility (1 week prior to event). 3. Contact campus safety on event day and assume responsibility of facility. 3a. GHC provides update on processing status of refundable deposits (1 week after event) 3b. Refundable deposits are returned (30 days after Event).