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With more the 425 million people in the world who speak Spanish (28 million in the United States alone), Spanish is the most widely spoken language in the world. In an increasingly global economy, businesses cannot meet the demand for employees who have the ability to speak Spanish. In today’s job market, many businesses offer cash bonuses and incentives to employees who speak Spanish or are willing to learn Spanish. A job-seeker, who speaks Spanish, often has a distinct edge in securing job opportunities in the global job market.

Georgia Highlands College offers a four-course sequence in Spanish:

Spanish 1001: Elementary Spanish I SPAN 1001*

3-0-3. Prerequisite: none

Introduction to listening, speaking, reading and writing in Spanish and the culture of Spanish-speaking regions.

it serves only as a prerequisite to SPAN 1002. The same may be true at some other University System institutions. In some instances the course will carry credit hours if it is a second foreign language.

Spanish 1001 – General Syllabus

Spanish 1002: Elementary Spanish II SPAN 1002

3-0-3. Prerequisite: Spanish 1001 or placement (advanced placement test)

Continued listening, speaking, reading and writing in Spanish and the culture of Spanish speaking regions. May carry only institutional credit at University System schools but is a prerequisite, unless exempted, to Spanish 2001.

Spanish 1002: General Syllabus

Spanish 2001: General SyllabusIntermediate Spanish I SPAN 2001

3-0-3. Prerequisites: Spanish 1001 and 1002 or satisfactory placement scores or permission of instructor

This course offers a rapid review of grammar with continued use of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills with cultural emphasis in relation to a variety of texts.

Spanish 2001: General Syllabus

Spanish 2002: Intermediate Spanish II SPAN 2002

3-0-3. Prerequisites: Spanish 1001, 1002 and 2001; satisfactory placement scores or permission of instructor

This course will continue the use of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in an introduction to literary and other discipline-related texts within a cultural context.

Spanish 2002: General Syllabus

*Spanish 1001 is a CPC (College Preparatory Curriculum) deficiency course. According to the Georgia Highlands Catalog, for foreign languages, a CPC course is defined as follows:

FOREIGN LANGUAGE – Students with fewer than two units of the same foreign language must complete one additional credit introductory foreign language course. Entering freshmen must complete any college preparatory curriculum deficiency requirements in foreign language, social science or natural science by the time they have earned 20 semester hours of credit and must earn a minimum grade of C in the course. This academic course work will not count toward a student’s degree program. Transfer students from outside the University System who accumulate 30 or more semester hours of college-level credit in the institution before completing all CPC requirements may not register for other courses unless they also register for the appropriate deficiency course or courses. This requirement applies to those students in two-year degree programs that lead to baccalaureate degrees.

Spanish Placement Exams: Students who have met the two-unit entrance requirement may opt to take a placement test to exempt one or more levels in the Spanish course sequence. The placement exams are departmental exams administered by members of the Spanish faculty. These tests cover listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills and basic vocabulary and language structures appropriate to the level of Spanish tested. The Spanish Placement Exams are given by arrangement with the Spanish faculty members. On the Floyd campus, contact Mark Greger by phone (706-368-7620) or by e-mail ( On the Cartersvile campus, contact Kathryn Garcia by phone ((678-872-8075) or by e-mail (

Alternate Course Delivery Methods: In addition to traditional classroom-based course offerings, Spanish courses are offered via online- or DVD-based alternatives. Please see the semester course bulletin for available alternate course offerings.

Spanish Faculty:

Spanish Faculty:
Name Primary Campus Office Phone Email
Kathryn Garcia Cartersville 227 678-872-8075
Mark Greger Floyd F-161 706-368-7620