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Who can study abroad at GHC?

All GHC students in good standing are eligible to participate in a study abroad program.

Do you need to speak a foreign language?

No, speaking a foreign language is not necessary, although you may come back with a stronger desire to learn one!

Where can I go?

For the 2018-2019 academic year, GHC has a study abroad program to Panama. Students may also go  to Berlin, Germany through the University System of Georgia’s (USG) European Council. GHC students can likewise go on other USG European Council programs to locations such as London, Waterford, Edinburgh, Paris, Madrid, Berlin and St. Peterburg. The USG also has a China program. Finally, GHC students can go on KSU’s Montepulciano, Italy program.

How long do study abroad programs last?

GHC’s program to Panama is eight days. All other programs are about one month in duration.

What costs are involved with study abroad and what do study abroad programs include?

There are two main, and separate types of costs with study abroad programs. The first type of cost is the cost of the tuition and fees to take the courses linked to study abroad programs. Students generally take between 3-6 credit hours of courses on GHC and USG study abroad programs. These are GHC summer courses, and the tuition and fees for these courses are at the same rate as regular GHC courses. Moreover, one can pay for these courses with any financial aid one has to pay for tuition and fees at GHC.

The second type of cost associated with study abroad programs is the actual cost of the trip itself. This cost is different from each trip. Students can often use financial aid to pay for the cost of trips as well. Trips typically include all lodging, in-country transportation, all site visits, guides, travel insurance, some meals and with the exception of the Panama trip, round-trip airfare. Students will need to pay for some meals on their own. Finally, students who do not have a passport will need to apply for a passport and pay for it several months in advance.

For further information on how to afford study abroad, including financial aid and scholarships, see the tab on this website entitled Financial Resources.