Information for KSU and USGGG Partners

Effective August 2020, Georgia Highlands College will no longer have its own study abroad programs. This also means that the college will no longer have a study abroad director to serve as a point of contact and to advertise programs to students. However, the college would like its students to continue to have opportunities to study abroad, especially through Kennesaw State University’s Montepulciano program and the University System of Georgia’s USG Goes Global study abroad programs. These programs are welcome, and indeed are encouraged, to recruit GHC students as participants.

If a faculty member from Georgia Highlands College is chosen to teach through either KSU’s Montepulciano program or one of the USGGG programs, he or she should to some extent serve as a point of contact at GHC. He or she should also actively recruit GHC students to these programs and help advise students in other ways about the program in question.

In any case, Georgia Highlands College will not have a study abroad director in the future to assist with these matters. Both GHC faculty who teach through KSU’s Montepulciano study abroad program or a USGGG program, as well as staff from KSU and the USGGG should thus prepare themselves to work on their own to recruit GHC students, to establish course equivalences with GHC, to assist GHC students with questions and concerns and to handle other administrative matters so that GHC students can participate in their programs in the coming years.

This page is for our partners at KSU and USGGG, as well as any GHC faculty who teach through these programs. This page should also be useful for staff at the USG system office. The purpose of this page is to provide information and contacts at Georgia Highlands College that will allow our partners to operate without the assistance of a GHC study abroad director. This page has information and contact information about advertising and recruiting, course equivalences and other matters of concern.


Basic Points of Contact:

Gina Floyd, who serves as the Registrar at Georgia Highlands College will serve as a basic point of contact. Mrs. Floyd will not under any conditions be involved in advertising programs, recruiting students to programs or advising students in any way about programs. However, he is available to assist with study abroad matters that involve course issues in BANNER at GHC. It is likewise a good idea to invite him to the bi-annual System Council on International Education (SCIE) meetings in case issues that pertain to him are covered at this meetings. In addition, it is appropriate to include him on e-mail distribution lists that provide enrollment updates that include GHC students. Besides Mrs. Floyd, in the GHC Office of the Provost, Lillian Robertson can assist in creating study abroad related courses in BANNER and registering students. However, to avoid her creating an unnecessary number of courses in BANNER, she should only be instructed to create these courses shortly before payment or course registration deadlines. Finally, for any issues that pertain to international students (SEVIS, etc.), including Open Doors Reports, please contact Charlene Graham in the GHC Admissions Office.

The contact information for Mrs. Floyd, Ms. Robertson and Mrs. Graham are as follows:


Mrs. Gina Floyd, Director of Registrar

E-mail: or

Phone: 706-802-5000


Ms. Lillian Robertson, Coordinator-Curriculum, Office of the Provost


Phone: 706-295-6331


Mrs. Charlene Graham, Assistant Director, Admissions


Phone: 706-368-7743


Advertising, Call for Faculty Applications and Website Changes:

Faculty and staff from KSU and the USGGG are welcome to come to GHC campus locations to advertise their study abroad programs in person to students. GHC does not have a study abroad fair. However, when face to face classes are in session, one can set up a table in areas where students congregate to speak to passing students. At GHC’s largest campus, the Cartersville campus, this would be in the Student Center or in front of the HUB. GHC holds most of its face to face classes Monday-Thursday between mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Another way to reach students is through posters and social media messages. For faculty, if you would like a call for faculty applications sent out, please contact GHC Provost Dr. Dana Nichols. Finally, if you need to update website links to your program’s website from the links listed on this website, that can be done as well. Below are some contact information for these issues:


Cartersville campus (for site visit):

Mrs. Leslie Johnson, Cartersville Campus Dean


Phone: 678-872-8140


GHC Social Media

Mrs. Shelia Jones, Director of Marketing and Communication


Phone: 706-295-6366


GHC Provost

Dr. Dana Nichols


Phone: 706-802-5814


GHC Study Abroad program website (for website link changes)

Ms. Layla Cecil, Web Developer


Phone: 706-204-2103


Course Equivalences:

At Georgia Highlands College, course equivalences are entirely the prerogative of academic deans. To establish course equivalences between courses offered by KSU’s Montepulciano program or the USGGG programs, please contact the appropriate academic dean or deans. GHC’s academic deans, as well as the major disciplines that fall under each dean, are as follows:


School of Social Sciences and Education

Academic Disciplines: Criminal Justice, Education, History, Human Services, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Religion and Sociology

Academic Dean: Dr. Alan Nichols


Phone: 706-368-7615


School of Humanities

Academic Disciplines: Art, Communication, English, Foreign Languages, Journalism, Music and Theater

Academic Dean: Dr. Jon Hershey


Phone: 706-368-7629


School of Business and Professional Studies:

Academic Disciplines: Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, Healthcare Management and Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Academic Dean: Melanie Largin


Phone: 678-872-8109


School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics:

Academic Disciplines: Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geology, Mathematics and Physics

Academic Dean: Dr. Sarah Coakley


Phone: 678-872-8015


School of Health Sciences

Academic Disciplines: Dental Hygiene, Nursing and Physical Education

Academic Dean: Dr. Michelle Boyce


Phone: 706-295-6326