Steps to Follow

What steps do I need to take to study abroad?

Below is a checklist of steps to complete in order to participate in a study abroad program such as KSU’s Montepulciano program or one of the USG Goes Global programs. Please make sure that you pay attention to specific program deadlines as you work on these items. Feel free to take this list and check off steps as you complete them:

  1. Receive information about study abroad from either KSU’s Montepulciano program or the USG Goes Global programs and decide on a specific program. Keep in mind issues such as the country destination, the program dates and deadlines, courses and the costs in making your decision.
  2. Complete the application to the program that best interest you. Most programs have an online application. Pay close attention to any deposits and deposit deadlines that come with program applications.
  3. Meet with a Financial Aid Counselor in the GHC Financial Aid Office to determine if financial aid can be used to help pay for the trip or if any scholarships are available, and if so how much. Complete necessary paperwork and set up a refund mechanism with the Financial Aid Counselor. Meeting with a Financial Aid Counselor and completing necessary paperwork is very important. This should be done as soon as possible after submitting a student application, and at the very latest on the last day of classes the semester prior to the study abroad​. You will never know your options with financial aid and scholarships if you do not meet with a Financial Aid Counselor!
  4. Verify trip payment deadlines for the trip and make payments on time.
  5. If you do not have a passport or need to renew your passport, send in your application. Please see the tab on passports for some basic information on this.
  6. Enroll in appropriate classes linked to the study abroad program (e.g. summer term) and pay tuition and fees.

For specific questions, please contact the study abroad program for which you have applied.