Study Abroad Options for GHC Students and Faculty

Georgia Highlands College does not have study abroad programs of its own. However, GHC students are eligible to participate in summer study abroad programs through Kennesaw University’s Montepulciano, Italy, program and the University System of Georgia’s flagship study abroad program- USG Goes Global. USG Goes Global has several study abroad programs to numerous destinations throughout the world. For details and links to all of these programs, please see the individual tabs about them on this website.

Faculty at Georgia Highlands College are eligible to teach through KSU’s Montepulciano study abroad program and the various USG Goes Global study abroad programs. Faculty should obtain approval of their academic dean before applying to one of these programs. These programs typically post applications for faculty to teach during the spring semester, generally between January and April. Faculty applications are always for the following year. Faculty should pay close attention both to program websites, reach out to the appropriate contacts, and/or sign up for the appropriate listservs for notice of application deadlines. Faculty are encourage to contact these programs directly, and the earlier the better, for specific information.