Managing Course Information Using SCORE

Georgia Highlands College makes use of SCORE, a web-based course and grade-management system. SCORE is web-based, so you can use any computer as long as it has Internet connection (you don’t have to be on campus or use a Floyd computer). SCORE is available 24/7.

SCORE Allows Instructors To:

  • Access and print class rolls for specific terms
  • Select a course by CRN or by time
  • See a detailed list of all current classes
  • View changes to class rosters during drop/add
  • Enter final grades
  • Check student information

Before You Start

A. If this is the first you have used SCORE:

To use SCORE, instructors need a User ID and PIN (these are NOT the same as the ones you use to access the GHC network):

  • Your UserID is your Georgia Highlands ID (the 9-digit number on your ID card).
  • Your Initial PIN is the last 4 digits of your social security # and 99 (no spaces), you must include the hashtag symbol (ex. 1234#99).
  • You will be prompted to choose a unique PIN after you access SCORE for the first time.
  • You need to remember the PIN you select.

If you are unable to access SCORE by following the directions above, you can call the Registrar’s Office to make sure your SCORE access information has been set up (706-368-7740).

B. If you have used SCORE before:

To use SCORE, you need a User ID and PIN (these are NOT the same as the ones you use to access the GHC network):

  • Your User ID is your GHC ID number on your ID card.
  • Your PIN is the one you selected after you used SCORE for the first time.

If you have forgotten your PIN, go to the SCORE logon screen following the 12 steps below and click the “Forgot PIN?” button.

Twelve Steps for Accessing & Using SCORE


Go to the Georgia Highlands College Home Page on the Web (


Click “Quick Links”. Click “SCORE”. You are taken to the Banner Portal Page. Note: you can also do a site search for SCORE, or get to SCORE from with the GHC Faculty Intranet.

Select the “SCORE” link. The Georgia Highlands “User Login” screen appears:

Locate the Boxes for User ID and PIN.


Enter your User ID and PIN # in the appropriate fields. If you are unable to log on with your UserID and PIN, call the Registrar’s Office for further assistance.


Click “Login”. The FACULTY SERVICES screen appears.


Click “Faculty Services.”. The “Faculty Services” menu screen appears.


There are 13 options on the Faculty Services menu. Select the service you want.


From the drop-down “Select a Term” menu, Select the term you need.
Click the “Submit Term” button.


You can then choose your current schedule of courses, and select an option from the list of options that appears.

One frequently-used option is to see and print an initial or official class roll. (Remember, you can print documents by pressing the Ctrl+P keys.) You can also see a list of all your current classes.

To see a list of your current courses you click the “Faculty Detail Schedule” option and the “Faculty Detail Schedule” screen for the term you selected will appear.


You can use SCORE to enter final grades. To enter final grades for a class, select and submit the current term, then enter the CRN for the course.


Click the “Final Grade Worksheet” link. The “Final Grade Worksheet” will appear.

On the Final Grade Worksheet, students are listed in alphabetical order. The “Grade” field will show “None” unless the student has withdrawn from the class; then it will show a W, or a V if student is auditing.


To enter a grade, select the “Grade” field (see figure above) and click on the grade from the drop-down menu of grades. When you key the grade in, it will be entered. Just continue down the list doing this.

If you have a lot of students to enter grades for, and you have spent about 20 minutes on the Final Grades screen, you should submit the grades entered so far to prevent the Final Grades screen from “timing out” (i.e. closing). You do not have to wait until you’ve entered all grades to submit those entered so far.

To submit grades, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click the “Submit” button.


When you’re done entering grades, click “Submit Changes.” You can now select another CRN# and enter grades for another class.

If your class roll doesn’t agree with the electronic roll you see, contact the Registrar’s office .